Downtown Phoenix Campus Activities

Friday, Feb. 2, 2018 | 4–8 p.m.

Health & Wellness

Make Your Own Moulage

What is Moulage? It is the art of creating mock injuries and lifelike substances to provide elements of realism to health care training. See how our faculty and students simulate health care scenarios and create faux body fluids. Try your hand at a supervised Moulage and receive a free recipe card to create your own Moulage at home.

Zone C: Downtown Phoenix • Health North (HLTHN) | First Floor | Room 105


Water Roll

You decide where our water should go! The Colorado River supplies water to seven states, including Arizona. In this interactive game, participants use marbles and tubes to allocate one of our most important and scarcest resources: fresh water. You get to decide how much water to send to farms, factories and homes. After completing this activity, you will be awarded a Water station recipe card. Collect all six recipe cards and you will be recognized as a Sustainability Super Hero and be awarded a prize pack!

Zone B: Downtown Phoenix • University Center (UCENT) | First Floor | Breezeway

Natural Science

Microbes: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Explore the microbes that live on you and in you! Learn how they can keep you healthy or make you sick. Investigate the effects of antibiotics on bacterial growth and discover how bacteria become resistant to them. Learn how to culture microbes safely in the laboratory, and see real microbes magnified over 1000 times their actual size! Finally, observe the effects of molds and bacteria on common food items and see how they’re used in industrial applications.

Zone B: Downtown Phoenix • University Center (UCENT) | Third Floor | Room 360C

Health & Wellness

Mindfulness Through the Senses

ASU Center for Mindfulness, Compassion & Resilience is excited to invite you to participate in Mindfulness through the Senses this year at Open Door. This journey will include hands-on activities and practice while invoking the senses of sight, smell, taste, sound, touch, and movement through Mindfulness. Please feel free to drop-in at any time and take your senses through an adventure of self-discovery.

Zone C: Downtown Phoenix • Health North (HLTHN) | First Floor | Room 110

Health & Wellness

De-Stress: Mandalas, Biodots and Relaxation!

ASU Counseling Services invites you to our table to "De-Stress," by spending time coloring a Mandala, using a Biodot to figure out your current mood, and learning relaxation skills to cope with daily life stresses.

Zone A: Downtown Phoenix • Civic Space (CIVIC) Outdoors | Outside

Student Life

Kindness Tracker & CSR/Sustainability TABOO

What will your (net) IMPACT be for 2017? Grab a piece of chalk and solidify what your aspirations are for doing good in the upcoming year! & Learn some more about CSR and Sustainability with Net Impact's version of TABOO!

Zone B: Downtown Phoenix • University Center (UCENT) Outdoors | The Commons Patio


Family Career Tree and Career Bingo

Take a look at the careers chosen by your grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, and other relatives. It is fun to think about how family members' career choices have influenced their lives and it may help you identify things you want and do not want in a career. Then join Join the Career Management Center for a game of career bingo.

Zone B: Downtown Phoenix • University Center (UCENT) | First Floor | Main Lobby

Social Science

Beus Center for Law and Society Tours

Come tour the recently constructed Beus Center for Law and Society, home of the Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law.

Schedule: 4:30 p.m., 5:30 p.m., 6:30 p.m.

Zone C: Downtown Phoenix • Beus Center For Law And Society (BCLS) | First Floor | Room 141, (W. P. Carey Foundation Armstrong Great Hall)

Social Science

Seeking Solutions: We Do Public Service

College of Public Service & Community Solutions is committed to transforming communities. Stop by our informational booth to learn more about our degree programs and to share your personally-crafted solution for Arizona communities in the following focus-areas: community development, health care, infrastructure, environment and water, education, young talent, civic engagement, job creation.

Zone B: Downtown Phoenix • University Center (UCENT) | First Floor | Room 169

Health & Wellness

Food on the Go!

We know that you're always on the go so visit the College of Health Solutions' Instructional Kitchen. You'll learn how to make quick and healthy meals that you can take on the go with you to match your busy lifestyle. You'll walk away with new recipes and a quick meal.

Zone C: Downtown Phoenix • Health South (HLTHS) | First Floor | Instructional Kitchen

Student Life

ASU Admission 101

Special Hours: 4:00 - 4:45 pm

This session will guide you through your college search process and offer helpful advice to find the college or university that is right for you. You will receive helpful information about the admission process, scholarship programs and financial aid. Our experienced admission representatives will provide helpful tips on navigating the college search process. Additionally, you will learn about the ASU student experience. This must-attend session will help guide you on the right path to attending college.

Zone A: Downtown Phoenix • Post Office (POST) | Lower Level | Black Canyon L1-12


Global Currency - Abacus Craft

The abacus is a calculating tool that was in use centuries before the adoption of the written modern numeral system and is still widely used by merchants, traders and clerks in Asia, Africa, and elsewhere. Today, abaci are often constructed as a bamboo frame with beads sliding on wires, but originally they were beans or stones moved in grooves in sand or on tablets of wood, stone, or metal. Let the Thunderbird Financial Association teach you how to make your own abacus and a little bit about currency around the globe.

Zone B: Downtown Phoenix • University Center (UCENT) | First Floor | Yount Patio


Decorate Your Own Russian Nesting Dolls

The Russian Matryoshka Doll, also known as the Russian Nesting Doll, is often the symbol of Russia. Come join us for the chance to color in and assemble your own set of Matryoshka dolls as you learn a bit more about this fascinating country and culture from our Russian representatives.

Zone B: Downtown Phoenix • University Center (UCENT) Outdoors | The Commons Patio


Global Sounds Guitars

Let members of Global Sounds, Thunderbird's student band, help you make your very own guitar!

Zone B: Downtown Phoenix • University Center (UCENT) Outdoors | Tower Lawn

Social Science

The Magic of Mindfulness

Stress is increasingly gaining attention in the U.S. as well as around the world for the detrimental health effects it produces. Mindfulness is gaining attention worldwide with the emergence of promising data showing how the simple act of being aware can deregulate the body’s stress response - leading to a happier and healthier life. This presentation highlights the stress response physically and psychologically as well as applicable mindful practices to deregulate stressful triggers in our personal and professional lives. Make sure to come by, it will be both entertaining and educational!

Zone B: Downtown Phoenix • University Center (UCENT) | Second Floor | Mezzanine

Health & Wellness

Mindfulness Through the Senses: Mindfulness & Movement Through Tai Chi

Special Hours: 5:00 - 5:20 pm

The Center for Mindfulness, Compassion and Resilience will be hosting an introductory tai chi workshop. Tai chi is an ancient tradition of gentle, focused movements that are synced with one’s breathing. It is an excellent way to feel calmness and peace, which is what mindfulness strives for. Come as you are and join us in practicing tai chi!

Zone C: Downtown Phoenix • Health North (HLTHN) | First Floor | Room 110

Health & Wellness

Thinking on Your Feet

Is your brain smarter when you're sitting or standing? Test your brain power to see how you think on your feet.

Zone C: Downtown Phoenix • Health South (HLTHS) Outdoors | Tent, 2nd Street & Taylor Place

Health & Wellness

Electricity From Your Muscles: The Muscle SpikerBox

How does your brain get your muscles to move? It's electricity! Your muscles are wired to your brain and electricity flows to your muscles and makes them move. Watch all your muscles' cool moves on the Muscle SpikerBox, AKA the electromyograph.

Zone C: Downtown Phoenix • Health South (HLTHS) Outdoors | Tent, 2nd Street & Taylor Place

Student Life

Billards and Pub Trivia

Play in a life-sized game of inflatable billiards & answer some of Thunderbird's weekly pub trivia questions from topics ranging from cultural, entertainment, to Thunderbird history.

Zone B: Downtown Phoenix • University Center (UCENT) Outdoors | Commons Lawn

Health & Wellness

Wheel of Trivia: Sun Devil Edition

How much do you know about Arizona State University? Spin the wheel and test your ASU knowledge to win a prize. Questions range from easy, medium to hard so the game is fun for all ages.

Zone C: Downtown Phoenix • Health North (HLTHN) | First Floor | Lobby

Health & Wellness

Mindfulness Through Movement: Meditative Sound Soup

Special Hours: 6:30 - 7:15 pm

Have you ever experienced sound mindfully? Well, here’s your chance! This mindfulness through movement session will present Himalayan Singing Bowl protocols woven with improvised guitar loops to create a sonic environment for mindful practice and embodied presence. Special guests include: Rob Kaplan and Wil Heywood with Eileen Standley and Nicole Curry.

Zone C: Downtown Phoenix • Health North (HLTHN) | First Floor | Room 110


Make a Robot!

Join in the fun and excitement of the ASU maker community by learning how to make a simple and tiny robot called a BristleBot! ASU Library is just one of many maker communities all over the world that provides a creative space for people, ideas and tools to come together – a place where fun and learning go hand in hand. You will also get the chance to race your robot and see a 3D printer up close and in action!

Zone B: Downtown Phoenix • University Center (UCENT) | Lower Level | The Vault

Student Life

Empowering to Engage for Excellence

Participants will engage in a painting activity surrounding the theme “Colors of the Wind." The completed art created will be showcased and used as décor for the American Indian Student Support Services @Downtown site. Students and staff will engage in dialogue with others regarding their experiences as Native Sun Devils in the Downtown Phoenix community.

Zone A: Downtown Phoenix • Post Office (POST) | Lower Level | Room L1-32

Health & Wellness

Anatomage Experience

Come explore ASU's very own virtual dissector. Featured in shows like Grey's Anatomy, this state of the art teaching tool is a 3D anatomy system that allows individuals to see and virtually dissect a human cadaver with the touch of a finger. Come be amazed by this fully interactive life-sized touch screen anatomy experience!

Zone B: Downtown Phoenix • University Center (UCENT) | Third Floor | Room 381


Passport to the World

Start at the “Passport to the World” booth as you begin your global visit across the Thunderbird campus. Our students come from nearly 50 different countries and this is your chance to learn more about their cultures, their studies at Thunderbird and about them. Upon entry to the event, pick up your passport at our booth, collect stamps from at least 10 different stations, and bring your completed passport back to us for a prize. Congratulations, you have completed your Thunderbird Passport to the World!

Zone B: Downtown Phoenix • University Center (UCENT) Outdoors | Erickson Alumni Pavilion

Health & Wellness

Experiential Health Activities

Meet Sammy the simulation manikin and experience how nursing students and faculty use simulation and teaching strategies to recognize heart and breath sounds and respond to patients’ needs. Choose from a wide array of props and take pictures with Sammy to share with your friends. Interact with our SimBaby, Josephina, a high-tech infant simulator who helps our students practice routine care and manage critical emergencies.

Zone C: Downtown Phoenix • Health North (HLTHN) | First Floor | Rooms 101 & 103

ASUOD Operations


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Zone B: Downtown Phoenix • University Center (UCENT) Outdoors | Registration Tent


LoterÍa (Mexican Bingo)

The Mexican version of the game, Bingo. Learn and improve on Spanish terms from our Mariachi loterÍa leaders in this fun, Mexican themed bingo game.

Zone B: Downtown Phoenix • University Center (UCENT) Outdoors | IBIC Lawn


Sustainability Super Hero

You have the power to create a better world for all living things! Come and explore the many ways you can change your behavior and influence your community for the better. After collecting the knowledge and tools for sustainability success and six special recipe cards throughout Sustainability Central, the occasion will be commemorated with a Sustainability Super Hero Badge and prize pack.

Zone B: Downtown Phoenix • University Center (UCENT) | First Floor | Lobby

Student Life

Hope for the Future

Rotary is a service organization and this year's theme has a heavy focus on sustainability. With that in mind, we invite visitors to put their hand prints as leaves on a painted tree with their hopes for the future underneath their hands. Also, join Rotary in some cotton candy after sharing and learning of others hopes for the future.

Zone B: Downtown Phoenix • University Center (UCENT) Outdoors | Talley Building North Patio


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