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Saturday,Feb. 8, 2025, 1–5 pm

West Valley

Unlock your curiosity and join the ASU community for dozens of interactive events, simulations, challenges, games and more at ASU Open Door.

Please join in the fun at ASU's West Valley campus! Date: Saturday, Feb. 8, 2025, 1–5 pm


Highlights include:

  • Health care simulations.
  • Build a first aid kit.
  • Night vision station.
  • Solar-oven baking.
  • Mom and baby mobile health clinic.
  • K-Pop dancing.
  • Turning trash into creative wonders.
  • Gratitude journaling.
  • Forensic anthropology.
  • Robotics competition.
  • How to write like Hemingway.
  • Try to beat a lie detector.
  • Learn about Braille.
  • The secret world under a microscope.

About the West Valley campus

ASU’s West Valley campus is the heart of innovation in the West Valley and offers more than 125 undergraduate and graduate degree programs, including forensics, business, engineering, education and an honors curriculum. The West Valley campus is one of ASU’s smallest campuses, offering a tight-knit community feeling where students get personalized attention from their professors.


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