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    ASU Open Door

  • ASU Open Door

    ASU Open Door

Open Door Returns IRL! (In Real Life)

Join us on the Tempe campus for interactive exhibits produced by ASU professors, staff and students.

Once a year ASU opens their doors and invites the community inside for the Open Door events on each campus.

Would you like to see recent Hubble and James Webb Space Telescope images? Or learn about the Psyche NASA mission led by ASU to visit the asteroid Psyche? How about looking into the future with Dreamscape Learn, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, or visiting our newest building, the Walton Center for Planetary Health for a plethora of activities? Or looking backward at the "founding fossil"—Lucy, the 3.2 million-year-old Australopithecus afarensis? We've got all that too!

Like Engineering or Physics? Learn about 25+ Engineering Programs, from testing software programs, to 3D printing, to programming a robot, plus explore dozens of Physics experiments. Dive into the microscopic water world by examining water samples from the nearby canal. Or visit The Buseck Center for Meteorite Studies, where you can see and touch real meteorites, and meet the people who study them! Check out over 60 years of handwritten observations of chimpanzees in the wild, begun by famed conservationist Jane Goodall.

When we say we have something for everyone, we really mean it! Visit the activities tab for each campus to discover a world of new experiences, emerging technologies, and find your interest. Open Door at ASU covers the fields of Art and Design, Business, Culture and Language, Engineering, Health and Wellness, Humanities, Natural and Social Science, Student Life and Sustainability.

Downtown Phoenix

Saturday, Jan. 28
1-5 pm

State-of-the-art living and learning facilities are found in the heart of Arizona’s capital city.

Woven into the downtown business and professional community, ASU’s Downtown Phoenix campus creates strong learning and career connections for more than 11,500 students with media, health care, corporate and government organizations.


Saturday, Feb. 4
1-5 pm

ASU’s West campus blends a liberal arts education with 21st- century leadership preparation.

Located in northwest Phoenix, the West campus is home to students pursuing degrees in the health industry, business, education, and interdisciplinary arts and science programs. Patterned after the University of Oxford, the campus architecture is designed to create a close-knit learning community.


Saturday, Feb. 18
1-5 pm

The Polytechnic campus is home to students who are exploring professional and technical programs.

The ASU Polytechnic campus is a nexus for studies in interdisciplinary sciences, engineering, management, technology and education. Industry partnerships are key to the campus’ distinctive course offerings, which provide opportunities for project-based learning within advanced laboratory spaces. Specialized equipment for hands-on exploration includes simulators for flight and centers for consumer behavior research, semiconductor fabrication, comprehensive commercial printing and design services, and on-demand digital manufacturing.


Saturday, Feb. 25
1-5 pm

More than 55,000 students study at the historic Tempe campus.

The historic Tempe campus offers hundreds of majors that engage undergraduates and graduates in multidisciplinary research and exploration in first-rate laboratories and facilities. Sun Devil Stadium and ASU’s other Pac-12 athletic venues contribute to the spirit-filled energy on campus. The Sun Devils’ athletic complex, performing arts facilities and high-tech research space create a dynamic and engaging learning environment.

Scitech Festival

ASU Open Door

is a signature event of the 
Arizona SciTech Festival.

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