Open door hero
Saturday, Feb. 22, 2025, 1–5 pm


Unlock your curiosity and join the ASU community for dozens of interactive events, simulations, challenges, games and more at ASU Open Door.


Please join in the fun at ASU's Tempe campus!  Date: Saturday, Feb. 22, 2025, 1–5 pm


Highlights include:

  • Dreamscape Learn VR teaching tool.
  • ASU’s natural history collection.
  • Rocket building.
  • Touch and hold snakes.
  • Learn American sign language.
  • Build a first aid kit.
  • Extract DNA from strawberries.
  • Mirror maze.
  • Catapult-building.
  • Highlights of ASU’s NASA mission.
  • Explore the gut microbiome.
  • STEM career information.
  • Messages in a bottle.
  • Electric circuitry.
  • Paper airplanes.
  • Concrete canoe display.

About the Tempe campus

ASU’s Tempe campus is the largest of the ASU campuses, offering several libraries and lots of lab space. It’s also home to ASU’s Big 12 division athletic teams. Most of ASU’s colleges have a presence on the Tempe campus, and students here pursue degrees in such areas as business, engineering, education, design and arts, sustainability, and more. Students on the Tempe campus can make friends by joining one of the hundreds of student clubs to be found here.


Learn more about the Tempe campus.