Downtown Phoenix

Please join in the fun at ASU Open Door @ Downtown Phoenix campus! Date: January 28, 2023, Saturday, 1-5 pm

ASU Open Door @ Downtown Phoenix offers interactive activities, tours and a behind the scenes look into what powers a world class university. A sample of activities include: The Mad Food Science Laboratory, I Can Be A Broadcast Journalist, Thunderbird Global Village, Who's Hiding in the Coral Reef, Create Matter as a Mad Scientist, Elephant Toothpaste, ¡Dale Play!, Spanish for the Professions, CPR Demonstrations, Health Simulations, Anatomy World, Fusion on First-Tour Popular Music and Fashion Studios, and much more!

ASU is a foundational partner of the Arizona SciTech Festival and ASU Open Door @ Downtown Phoenix is a signature event. ASU values interactive learning and the importance of engaging learners; ASU Open Door celebrates that kids today are

AZ SciTech Festival logo smart, tech savvy, and more involved in their own educational experiences than ever before!