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Downtown Phoenix Campus Activities

Saturday, Feb. 9, 2019 | 1–5 p.m.


STEAM Machine

Students will work individually or as teams to build a machine based on Rube Goldberg chain reaction. The STEAM Machine is built all out of duct tape, PVC, mouse traps, wood, dominos, etc. Prizes awarded for completion of the task. The engineering design process allows participants to interconnect science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM) concepts to transform simple ideas and materials into complex multi-disciplinary systems. These machines create a unique opportunity for developing hands-on learning activities that promotes an understanding of teamwork and the engineering design process.

Zone C: Downtown Phoenix • Taylor Place (TALRPLACE) Outdoors | Taylor Street


Picture Opportunity

Have you ever wanted to be on the other side of the Supreme Court bench? Now is your chance! Please join ASU Law at Open Door for an opportunity to take your photo behind the same bench the Arizona Supreme Court justices use.

Zone C: Downtown Phoenix • Beus Center For Law And Society (BCLS) | First Floor | W. P. Carey Foundation Armstrong Great Hall


AZ PBS Membership Promotions

Come say hello to the PBS membership team and learn more about the Passport app, PBS Membership sign-up, and don't forget to sign up for the raffle!

Zone B: Downtown Phoenix • Cronkite/8 (CRONK) | Sixth Floor | Studio A


Future Builder

Can you create a sustainable future city? Future Builder introduces the three pillars of sustainability — society, economy and environment — and allows participants to consider the trade-offs associated with building different things, especially the high cost and relative scarcity of valuable resources.

Zone B: Downtown Phoenix • University Center (UCENT) | First Floor | Lobby

Health & Wellness

Touch a Real Brain!

At this interactive booth, participants will be able to glove-up and touch a real brain! They will learn what parts of the brain are responsible for things like moving, feeling, talking, and memory.

Zone C: Downtown Phoenix • Health North (HLTHN) Outdoors | Book Internally


Daniel Tiger Puppet Making

Come make puppets with us, and enter a land of “Make-Believe” and play around the Daniel the Tiger trolley cut out.

Zone B: Downtown Phoenix • Cronkite/8 (CRONK) | Sixth Floor | Studio A

Natural Science

Calling All Forensic Scientists!

Fingerprints, DNA, fibers, footprints, blood splatter...what does this evidence tell us about a crime scene? How can it point to a specific suspect? Learn about the strengths and limitations of various types of forensic evidence. Use your detective skills and hone your deductive reasoning in activities that will have you drawing reasonable conclusions about mock crime scenarios as you analyze real evidence!

Zone B: Downtown Phoenix • University Center (UCENT) | Third Floor | 360B

Health & Wellness

Experiential Health Activities

Meet Sammy the simulation manikin and learn first aid techniques as he experiences a “series of unfortunate events”. Learn to recognize heart and breath sounds using the same equipment our students use. Interact with our SimBaby Josefina, a high-tech infant simulator who helps our students practice routine care and manage critical emergencies. Watch a CPR demonstration and practice on our manikins, then roll the dice and build your own mini first aid kit.

Zone C: Downtown Phoenix • Health North (HLTHN) | First Floor | Rooms 101 & 103


Behind the Scenes Tour of Beus Center for Law and Society

The Beus Center for Law and Society (BCLS) is the home to the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at Arizona State University, as well as several other organizations. The building space uses form and function to connect students, visitors, and the general public to the role of justice in society. The BCLS was designed to be inviting, engaging, and accessible to everyone who is interested in learning about the law.

Schedule: 1:15 p.m., 1:45 p.m., 2:15 p.m., 2:45 p.m., 3:15 p.m. and 3:45 p.m.

Zone C: Downtown Phoenix • Beus Center For Law And Society (BCLS) | First Floor | Starting Location - W. P. Carey Foundation Armstrong Great Hall


Learn about drones

This is your chance to see and hear a drone fly, so don’t forget to wear your safety glasses! See how drone journalism is developing, and how drones can get footage available in no other way.

Zone B: Downtown Phoenix • Cronkite/8 (CRONK) | Second Floor | Morgan Murphy Media / Elizabeth Murphy Burns and Richard Burns Theater, room 202

Health & Wellness

Audio and Speech Activities

Do you want to learn how to spell your name only using your fingers? Or do you want to play Jenga and make cool sounds while doing it? Join us to learn about the different ways audiology and speech impact your life!

Zone C: Downtown Phoenix • Health North (HLTHN) Outdoors | 2nd Street

Health & Wellness

Popcorn Bar!

Come create your own gourmet packet of popcorn.

Zone C: Downtown Phoenix • Health North (HLTHN) Outdoors | Plaza

Health & Wellness

Food on the Go!

We know that you're always on the go so visit the College of Health Solutions' Instructional Kitchen. You'll learn how to make quick and healthy meals that you can take on the go with you to match your busy lifestyle. You'll walk away with new recipes and a quick meal.

Zone C: Downtown Phoenix • Health South (HLTHS) | First Floor | Instructional Kitchen

Health & Wellness

Wheel of Wellness

Wellness is an active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life. Visit us to spin the Wheel of Wellness and win a prize to enhance your health.

Zone C: Downtown Phoenix • Health North (HLTHN) | First Floor | Lobby

Health & Wellness

The Many Faces of Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the College of Nursing and Health Innovation

You have an idea, we want to hear about it! Join us for a peek into our innovative process and see how the 7 Pillars of Innovation contribute to project development. Interact with Healthcare Innovation faculty and ASU students to learn more about our new Internship Program within CONHI. Hear how the Health Entrepreneur Accelerator Lab (HEALab) can help students, faculty, and community members bring their innovative ideas to market. Meet members of the Prepped Program who will share their stories of success. Change is the only constant. Learn how you can be the change!

Zone C: Downtown Phoenix • Taylor Place (TALRPLACE) | First Floor | Suite 107 (off Taylor Street)


Salt River Project: Wild About Sustainability!

As part of our commitment to the communities we serve, SRP has partnered with Arizona State University to reward and celebrate sustainability solutions. Discover how SRP delivers more than water and power through an interactive museum display highlighting Arizona wildlife as well as their partnership with ASU and families like yours. Learn how you can make changes in your home that will create a better future for all.

Zone B: Downtown Phoenix • University Center (UCENT) | First Floor | Lobby


Play Hoaxes & Havoc, the fake news game

Learn how hoaxers and rumormongers operate as you try to saturate the country with phony messages.

Zone B: Downtown Phoenix • Cronkite/8 (CRONK) | Second Floor | First Amendment Forum


Make a Robot!

Join in the fun and excitement of the ASU maker community by learning how to make a simple and tiny robot call a Bristlebot! ASU Library is just one of the many maker communities all over the world that provides a creative space for people, ideas and tools to come together -- a place where fun and learning go hand in hand. You will also get a chance to race your robot!

Zone B: Downtown Phoenix • University Center (UCENT) | Lower Level | Vault


Let’s Make Wild Kratts Hats

With some bowls, plates and imagination let’s make some Wild Kratts Hats!

Zone B: Downtown Phoenix • Cronkite/8 (CRONK) | Sixth Floor | Studio A


Open Studios: Grant Street Studios

Grant Street Studios (605 East Grant Street) houses the private studios and shared workspaces of MFA studio art graduate students at ASU. With around 65 graduates, media include painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, ceramics, sculpture, wood, jewelry, intermedia, and fibers. Artists will have their doors open to visitors with multiple exhibitions throughout the space. The Art Grads (TAG) is a student organization representing the graduate art students in the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts at Arizona State University.

Off • Grant Street Studios | First Floor | 605 East Grant Street

Natural Science

Writers, Rockets and More!

Writers, Rockets and More! The sky's the limit, let your writing, your rocket and senses soar! Join University Academic Success Programs to write creatively, construct soda straw rockets and play our mystery balloon sensory game.

Zone B: Downtown Phoenix • University Center (UCENT) | First Floor | 101

Social Science

Groovy Communication Game Show

Don’t be square, join the College of Integrative Sciences and Arts for a trip to the groovy 1960s and participate in our version of a far-out, old-school TV Game Show all about how humans communicate in 2019. Test your knowledge of fun facts and some misconceptions about human communication in our modern era. It would be outta sight if you all come play! Get ready for some light and sound effects, and buzzers to bring out your game playing spirit. GREAT FOR TEENS AND ADULTS!

Zone C: Downtown Phoenix • Arizona Center (AZCNTR) | Third Floor | Room 383


Creative Reinvention

Can you guess what recycled material various items are made from? During this challenge, you will learn about the concept of a circular economy and see creative, clever and surprising examples of pre- and post-consumer recycling.

Zone B: Downtown Phoenix • University Center (UCENT) | First Floor | Lobby


Be a news anchor

Reading a teleprompter is not as easy as TV News anchors make it look. You'll have your chance to sit at the news desk.

Zone B: Downtown Phoenix • Cronkite/8 (CRONK) | Sixth Floor | Cronkite News Studio


Cronkite building tour

Get a behind-the-scenes tour of the Cronkite School's state-of-the-art journalism facility.

Schedule: 1:30 p.m., 2:30 p.m., 3:30 p.m., 4:30 p.m.

Zone B: Downtown Phoenix • Cronkite/8 (CRONK) | First Floor | First floor lobby

Student Life

Coloring and BioDots: Let's Learn To De-Stress!!!

Come visit our table to find helpful ways to relax and de-stress, which include coloring uniquely designed mandalas. Try a Biodot to help you find out your mood in the moment. Learn skills to relax more readily in your every day life!

Zone A: Downtown Phoenix • Post Office (POST) Outdoors | Student Center Patio

Natural Science

CSI: Phoenix

Investigate real cadavers, organs, and cadaver plastinates! Think “Body Worlds” but less dramatic and less gory.

Zone B: Downtown Phoenix • University Center (UCENT) | Third Floor | 383

Student Life

Access ASU, me3, College and Career Exploration

Please join us at the Access ASU table for information on college readiness. Visitors will get the opportunity to take me3, an online interactive major and career quiz, play a game for a chance to win one of our amazing giveaways and find out more about how to get prepared for college and your future career!

Zone B: Downtown Phoenix • Cronkite/8 (CRONK) Outdoors | Taylor Mall

Health & Wellness

Make Your Own Moulage

What is Moulage? It is the art of creating mock injuries and lifelike substances to provide elements of realism to health care training. See how our faculty and students simulate health care scenarios and create faux injuries and wounds. Try your hand at a supervised Moulage and receive a free recipe card to create your own Moulage at home.

Zone C: Downtown Phoenix • Health North (HLTHN) | First Floor | 105

Health & Wellness

ASU Staff Council

Through service to students and in support of university function, staff members in all areas play an important role in creating the New American University. The ASU Staff Council serves as a collective voice to ensure this kind of environment is a part of the university's culture. Some of the ways Staff Council works to accomplish this is by enhancing university communications, providing recommendations for improving the working climate and promoting professional development opportunities.

Zone B: Downtown Phoenix • University Center (UCENT) | First Floor | Lobby