How Safe Is It to Ride a Roller Coaster?

Student performing a physics experiment.

A mini roller coaster lets you see the physics behind these thrilling amusement park rides. Enjoy a few other fun physics activities, including FUN FLY STICKS (levitate incredible metallic-looking shapes), FAKE PIGGY (a 3D image generated using parabolic mirrors), and see LIGHTNING form before your eyes!

Location information

Campus: Downtown Phoenix
Location type: Room
Room or location: 371
Indoors or outdoors: Indoors
Building Floor: Third Floor

Other details

Zone: Zone B: Downtown Phoenix


Area of Interest


Target Age Group

Middle school

College or Department

College of Integrative Sciences and Arts

The College of Integrative Sciences and Arts at Arizona State University is reorganizing to better serve students and meet the needs of the East Valley community around ASU’s Polytechnic campus. The new model, with three new schools, will boost the college’s identity as a distinctive arts and sciences college, grow affinity among students and faculty through applied learning, better align with the rest of the university and increase efficiency. The three new schools consist of The School of Applied Professional Studies, The School of Applied Sciences and Arts, and The School of Counseling and Counseling Psychology.

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