Tummy Tunnel

Embark on a fascinating adventure through our "Tummy Tunnel" – a journey inside the human gut! This immersive walk-through game is fun for all ages, offering a larger-than-life experience of the microbiome. Explore the incredible world of gut microbiota and discover how it influences your health. It's a playful and educational activity that brings science to life in a way everyone can enjoy. Join us for an unforgettable expedition into the mysteries of your own tummy!

Location information

Campus: West Valley
Location type: Lawn
Room or location: Fletcher Lawn
Indoors or outdoors: Outdoors

Other details

Zone: Zone B: West

Health and Wellness

Area of Interest

Health and Wellness

Target Age Group

All ages


College of Health Solutions

College or Department

College of Health Solutions

The College of Health Solutions translates health research and discovery into practice and prepares students to address the challenges facing people to stay healthy, improve their health and manage chronic disease. We offer programs in Applied Science, Biomedical Informatics, Clinical Exercise Science, Dietetics, Food and Nutrition Entrepreneurship, Health Care Administration and Policy, Health Education and Health Promotion, Health Sciences, International Public Health, Kinesiology, Medical Studies, Nutritional Science, Population Health, Public Health, Speech and Hearing Science, Sports Science and Performance Programming. Visit chs.asu.edu to learn more about how we are reimagining the future of health.

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