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ASU Open Door at the West campus

Please join in the fun at ASU Open Door @ West campus! Date/time: Saturday, February 4, 2023, 1-5 pm

ASU Open Door @ West offers events and interactive activities in mathematical and natural sciences, humanities, arts and cultural studies, education and business, along with dozens of hands-on activities that excite curiosity for teachers, kids, lifelong learners and parents.

A sneak peek at some activities: CSI for Kids, CPR Demonstrations, Easy Cybersecurity for Your Home, Learn the Braille Alphabet, Launching a Lemonade Business, Cafecito Con Familia, Health Simulations, Microscope Mayhem, Visita Guiada Bilingüe - Bilingual Guided West Campus Tour, CPR Demonstrations, Sweet Treats and Solar Ovens and much more!

ASU is a foundational partner of the Arizona SciTech Festival and ASU Open Door @ West is a signature event. ASU values interactive learning and the importance of engaging learners; ASU Open Door celebrates that kids today are smart, tech savvy, and more involved in their own educational experiences than ever before!