Cronkite Studio Experience

Cronkite Building in Downtown Phoenix

Visit the 6th floor Cronkite News studio for the Cronkite Studio Experience. Get behind the anchor desk and try your hand at reading the teleprompter. Go in front of the green screen to do a weather forecast. And walk through the control room to get a glimpse behind the scenes,

Location information

Campus: Downtown Phoenix
Location type: Lobby
Room or location: Cronkite News Studios
Indoors or outdoors: Indoors
Building Floor: Sixth Floor

Other details

Zone: Zone B: Downtown Phoenix


Area of Interest


Target Age Group

All ages

College or Department

Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication

The Cronkite School is one of the nation’s top journalism and mass communication schools. With professional programs in digital media, broadcast news, sports reporting, media innovation, public relations, digital marketing, Spanish-language news and more, Cronkite offers hands-on learning experiences and access to competitive internships and opportunities from day one.

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