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Polytechnic Campus Activities

Saturday, Feb. 2, 2019 | 1–5 p.m.

Natural Science

Sling Shot into Space

Have you ever wondered how far and how fast a rocket can fly? With the help of our physics instructors, have fun building a model rocket, launch and learn the physics behind it as you compete against a friend! Join us to see how far and how fast your rocket can fly! There will be prizes for the winners!

Zone A: Polytechnic • Santan Hall (SANTN) | Second Floor | 210

Natural Science

STEM Experience

ASU Preparatory Academy is an ASU high school right on the Polytechnic campus. Come walk in the footsteps of a student experimenting in the STEM Lab and put your science knowledge to the test. There will be door prizes for the first 50 visitors!

Zone C: Polytechnic • Sacaton Hall (SACTN) | First Floor | 7330 E Innovation Way South Mesa, AZ 85212



Stop by ASU’s Print and Imaging Lab for a SUPER time learning about how all of our innovative machines work. During your visit, you’ll get to collect awesome heroic gear, made right before your very eyes, like masks, coloring books, and even some limited-edition trading cards. Don’t forget to show off your powers at the photo booth station!

Zone A: Polytechnic • Technology Center (TECH) | First Floor | 114,115,118


Creative Reinvention

Can you guess what recycled material various items are made from? During this challenge, you will learn about the concept of a circular economy and see creative, clever and surprising examples of pre- and post-consumer recycling.

Zone B: Polytechnic • Student Union (UNION) Outdoors | Lobby, near Starbucks


STEAM Machine

Students will work individually or as teams to build a machine based on Rube Goldberg chain reaction. The STEAM Machine is built all out of duct tape, PVC, mouse traps, wood, dominos etc. Prizes awarded for completion of the task. The engineering design process allows students to interconnect science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) concepts to transform simple ideas and materials into complex multi-disciplinary systems. These machines create a unique opportunity for developing hands-on learning activities that promotes an understanding of teamwork and the engineering design process.

Zone A: Polytechnic • Academic Center (CNTR) Outdoors | Backus Mall, Northeast of the Academic Center Building.


High Speed & Hot

What if you could see temperatures of the world around you? What if you could capture multiple high speed images in one exposure? 
 Come see demonstrations of stroboscopic photography and thermal imaging in the GIT Commercial Photography Studio!

Zone A: Polytechnic • Technology Center (TECH) | First Floor | Tech111

Student Life

Minute to Win It with Barrett, the Honors College

Do you watch television game shows and think to yourself, "I could do that?" Well now is your chance! Join Barrett, The Honors College for Minute to Win It, based on the highly popular NBC TV game show. The aim of the game is to perform several tasks with simple, household items. Each one of these "Minute To Win It" games is a classic and will encourage participants to think creatively - making for great entertainment for kids and parents alike!

Zone A: Polytechnic • Academic Center (CNTR) | First Floor | Suite 145

Student Life

Make a Keychain

Do you LOVE ASU? Show everyone how much by making an "ASU #1" beaded keychain in the Student Union.

Zone B: Polytechnic • Student Union (UNION) | First Floor | Student Union


Salt River Project: Wild About Sustainability!

As part of our commitment to the communities we serve, SRP has partnered with Arizona State University to reward and celebrate sustainability solutions. Discover how SRP delivers more than water and power through an interactive museum display featuring Arizona wildlife, highlighting their partnership with ASU and families like yours. Learn how you can make changes in your home that will create a better future for all.

Zone B: Polytechnic • Student Union (UNION) Outdoors | West side, near Starbucks


Human Systems Engineering Labs: Driving Simulator and More!

Human Systems Engineering (HSE) combines engineering and psychology to design technology that works for real people. HSE classes and research span a wide variety of topics such as aviation, cybersecurity, healthcare, learning, product development, sports, teamwork, usability, and more! Visit our labs to meet students and faculty in this exciting program! Visit the Driving Simulator to learn about designing and testing car features for drivers, and visit other nearby HSE labs to learn about educational technology, human-robot interaction, and multitasking.

Zone C: Polytechnic • Simulator Building (SIM) | First Floor | Simulator Building 1st floor hallway


Design4U with AISSS

Visitors will learn about American Indian Student Support Services programs and engage in a hands-on jewelry making activity!

Zone A: Polytechnic • Academic Center (CNTR) | Lower Level | 081


Wheel of Destiny

Spin the Wheel of Destiny to discover which of our 25 disciplines within the Fulton Schools of Engineering is right for you! Meet members of the Fulton Schools Recruitment team to learn how you can join our programs!

Zone A: Polytechnic • Technology Center (TECH) | First Floor | Lobby


Buttons and Bookmarks @ Poly Library

Ever wonder how a button is made? Well, you can find out by making one of your own at the Polytechnic Library! You can choose from pre-made graphics or create your own design, then use the tool to complete the button. There will also be an opportunity to create your own owl bookmark. While you’re there, take a moment to wander around the library to check out the photographic artistry of both Jim Fike and the ASU Photography Club.

Zone A: Polytechnic • Academic Center (CNTR) | Lower Level | Polytechnic Library


Play the InfoTech Game!

Learn about Information Technology through playing the InfoTech Game! Help the data packet go over the network and reach the big data center while using security shields to avoid hacker attacks! Designed for middle and elementary school age groups, but all age groups are welcome!

Zone A: Polytechnic • Santan Hall (SANTN) | First Floor | 135


Aviation Programs Air Traffic Control and Radar Simulation

Ever wonder what it would be like to be an air traffic controller? Come find out at the ASU Aviation Programs air traffic control simulators! Visitors will experience air traffic control simulation of the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, and learn how air traffic controllers keep thousands of airplanes safe everyday.

Zone C: Polytechnic • Simulator Building (SIM) | Second Floor | 264/225

Student Life

Access ASU, me3, College and Career Exploration

Please join us at the Access ASU table for information on college readiness. Visitors will get the opportunity to take me3, an online interactive major and career quiz, play a game for a chance to win one of our amazing giveaways and find out more about how to get prepared for college and your future career!

Zone A: Polytechnic • Academic Center (CNTR) | First Floor | Career and Professional Development Services Office


Co-extrusion of various particles

Co-axial extrusion of PMMA infused TiO2 particles using 3d printed nozzle. This activity will help to learn about co-extrusion of 2 particles and create a new filament which will have different physical and chemical properties and will be used for various application.

Zone A: Polytechnic • Technology Center (TECH) | First Floor | Innovation Hub