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Polytechnic Campus Activities

Saturday, Feb. 2, 2019 | 1–5 p.m.


Air Powered Paper Rockets

Do you like explosions? So do we, but they won't let us do that. So let's launch a rocket! Come see who can build the rocket that will go the highest with nothing but paper and tape.

Zone C: Polytechnic • Sun Devil Fitness Complex (SDFCP) Outdoors | walkway outside of SDFCP

Social Science

The Real CSI!

Want to know some of the ways that Police Officers solve crimes? Come visit our fun booth to talk to officers and learn tools and techniques we use to put the evidence puzzle together to figure out who did it!

Zone B: Polytechnic • Student Union (UNION) Outdoors | West Lawn


Meet a Robot Who Wants to Play

Join Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College as we spark imaginations and inspire tomorrow’s educators — with robots. Guide a Sphero robot through an obstacle course, learn to program it and experience the power of deep play.

Zone A: Polytechnic • Academic Center (CNTR) Outdoors | Backus Mall, Northeast of the Center Building.


High Speed & Hot

What if you could see temperatures of the world around you? What if you could capture multiple high speed images in one exposure? 
 Come see demonstrations of stroboscopic photography and thermal imaging in the GIT Commercial Photography Studio!

Zone A: Polytechnic • Technology Center (TECH) | First Floor | Tech111


Software Engineering in your everyday life

Come and learn how Software Engineering influences your daily life and where it’s hidden. Visitors can discover different places where Software Engineering is a part of our life. You can see, interact, test and change a variety of example projects to get a special glimpse inside this fascinating Software Engineering realm: Make things move, make a light come on with your body heat, change websites… all done through software.

Zone A: Polytechnic • Peralta Hall (PRLTA) | First Floor | 145


Future Builder

Can you create a sustainable future city? Future Builder introduces the three pillars of sustainability — society, economy and environment — and allows participants to consider the trade-offs associated with building different things, especially the high cost and relative scarcity of valuable resources.

Zone B: Polytechnic • Student Union (UNION) | First Floor | Lobby, near Starbucks


Aircraft Jet Engine Laboratory

Come see jet engines at the ASU Aviation Programs Aircraft Powerplants Lab! Visitors will see and learn about different types of aircraft engines and their operation.

Zone C: Polytechnic • Simulator Building (SIM) | First Floor | 121


Small-Scale Formula Electric Design

Come see some of the engineering concepts involved in designing an electric race car applied to a small scale remote controller car. Control the car using Bluetooth software and see the real-time data collection on a laptop displaying acceleration, obstacle detection, and cardinal orientation of the vehicle.

Zone B: Polytechnic • Student Union (UNION) Outdoors | Cooley Ballroom A


Balloon Animal Artist

Aliens, animals and more...Please come by and receive a fantastic balloon model by the wonderful balloon artists.

Zone A: Polytechnic • Agribusiness Center (AGBC) | First Floor | Lobby


Aircraft Structures Lab & Remote Controlled Simulation

Come join the ASU Aviation Programs in the aircraft structures lab to learn about aerodynamics and how remote controlled aircraft are built! Remote controlled aircraft and unmanned aerial system simulators will be available to try your hand at piloting.

Zone C: Polytechnic • Simulator Building (SIM) | First Floor | 125

Natural Science

Human Anatomy

Have you ever wondered what's inside your body? Come view preserved animal organs plus interactive 3D models of the human eye, heart, and inner ear. Put your knowledge to the test with our skull races! Be the fastest in your group to put together a model skull!

Zone A: Polytechnic • Santan Hall (SANTN) | Second Floor | 202


Now "That's Entertainment!"

Led by faculty member James Barnard, this activity will consist of an open rehearsal for a new comedy/mystery play written by one of our very own Poly students. It will be a wonderful experience showcasing the talents of our students!

Zone B: Polytechnic • Applied Arts Pavilion (AAPAV) Outdoors | Amphitheater

Social Science

The Study of Unintended Consequences

Are you interested in a computer simulation? Participate in this interactive activity of a model that shows how segregated neighborhoods can emerge even when integration is preferred.

Zone B: Polytechnic • Applied Arts Pavilion (AAPAV) | First Floor | Black Box Theatre

Social Science

Army ROTC Pull-up Bars

The Sun Devil Battalion at ASU is one of the premier Army Reserve Officer's Training Corps (ROTC) programs in the country. We will be showcasing all of the exciting opportunities that our Cadets take advantage of on the road to becoming outstanding Army officers. Children can enjoy face painting, pull-up competition, football toss and much more. High school students and their parents can learn about scholarship opportunities, extracurricular activities, officer career choices, and cultural programs that are available to our Cadets. Stop by our display to find out more!

Zone B: Polytechnic • Student Union (UNION) Outdoors | West Lawn

Student Life

Make a Keychain

Do you LOVE ASU? Show everyone how much by making an "ASU #1" beaded keychain in the Student Union.

Zone B: Polytechnic • Student Union (UNION) | First Floor | Student Union


Soft Robotics (Lab open doors)

The ASU Bio-Inspired Mechatronics Lab is a multidisciplinary laboratory that focuses on research and development of biologically inspired mechatronic technologies. Our current focus is to discover engineering principles and designs that will guide the development of entirely new approaches for wearable assistive devices and soft robotics with the goal to transform patient care and human activity. Stop by for demos from our graduate students,.

Zone A: Polytechnic • Technology Center (TECH) | First Floor | TECH 183


Design4U with AISSS

Visitors will learn about American Indian Student Support Services programs and engage in a hands-on jewelry making activity!

Zone A: Polytechnic • Academic Center (CNTR) | Lower Level | 081