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Polytechnic Campus Activities

Friday, Jan. 26, 2018 | 4–9 p.m.


Soft Robotics - Lab Open Doors

The Bio-Inspired Mechatronics Lab and the Motion Capture Lab will be opening their door to showcase robotics related projects.

Zone A: Polytechnic • Technology Center (TECH) | First Floor | 183



Come and check out the ASU mini BAJA team. Part of the Society of Automotive Engineering and the Ira A Fulton School of Engineering.

Zone C: Polytechnic • Simulator Building (SIM) | First Floor | Lab 131


Aviation Programs Flight Simulators

The Aviation Programs will have several flight simulators on display for participants to tour through.

Zone C: Polytechnic • Simulator Building (SIM) | First Floor | Room 139


Chain-Reaction STEAM Machines

Come to the STEAM Lab and build chain-reaction machines that complete a simple task in a complex way!

Zone A: Polytechnic • Peralta Hall (PRLTA) | Second Floor | 231


Balloon Animal Artist

Aliens, animals and more...Please come by and receive a fantastic balloon model by the wonderful balloon artists.

Zone A: Polytechnic • Agribusiness Center (AGBC) | First Floor | Lobby


360 video tools

Come learn about filming 360 video and creating immersive spherical photos.

Zone A: Polytechnic • Technology Center (TECH) | First Floor | 113

Natural Science

Fun with Chemistry

Chromatography: Separation of colors found in plants, such as spinach, is a process used by scientist to determine what vitamins they contain. You can perform this same activity. In the next activity you can find out how to make your own Alka-Seltzer® lava lamp. Finally, fill up a balloon with a chemical reaction: Use baking soda and vinegar to create chemical reaction that gives off gas as a product.

Zone A: Polytechnic • Santan Hall (SANTN) | Second Floor | Room 211


Wheel of Destiny

Come join the Fulton Schools of Engineering Recruitment team to learn about the different programs and opportunities available to students within the Fulton Schools at ASU. Spin the Wheel of Destiny to see what your major is destined to be and earn Fulton Schools swag!

Zone A: Polytechnic • Technology Center (TECH) | First Floor | TECH Lobby


ASU Slang Lexicon

All the definitions on Urban Dictionary were written by people just like you. Now's your chance to add your own! Help build a lexicon (dictionary) of current ASU slang by adding an entry.

Zone B: Polytechnic • Santa Catalina Hall (SANCA) | Second Floor | 240L


A Night of "That's Entertainment!"

Led by faculty member James Barnard, this activity will consist of an open rehearsal for a new comedy/mystery play written by one of our very own Poly students. We will also be premiering a trailer/preview of a feature film being produced and directed by Poly students, staff, and faculty. It will be a wonderful night showcasing the talents of our students!

Zone B: Polytechnic • Applied Arts Pavilion (AAPAV) | First Floor | Black Box Theatre


Make a Robot!

Join in the fun and excitement of the ASU maker community by learning how to make a simple and tiny robot called a BristleBot! ASU Library is just one of many maker communities all over the world that provides creative space for people, ideas and tools to come together – a place where fun and learning go hand in hand. You will also get the chance to race your robot and we'll have simple circuit kits on hand as well.

Zone A: Polytechnic • Academic Center (CNTR) | Lower Level | Main library space


Software Engineering for Intelligent Cars, Robots, and Human-Computer Interaction

Come explore the world of intelligent automotives, human-like robots, and human-computer interaction from a software perspective! Visitors will be treated to a combination of hands-on and virtual programming experiences in these areas. Our work has been featured on Channels 3, 5, and 12 locally in Phoenix. Come see what the car of the future looks like!

Zone C: Polytechnic • Simulator Building (SIM) | First Floor | 107

Natural Science

Biology: The Living World

Explore the microscopic world of plants, seeds, butterflies, bees and aphids then plant a seed to take home and grow. Next, check out our living collection of desert animals!

Zone A: Polytechnic • Santan Hall (SANTN) | Second Floor | Room 201


Future Builder

Can you create a sustainable future city? Future Builder introduces the three pillars of sustainability — society, economy and environment — and allows participants to consider the trade-offs associated with building different things, especially the high cost and relative scarcity of valuable resources.

Zone A: Polytechnic • Academic Center (CNTR) Outdoors | North Lawn

Health & Wellness

Sun Devil Fitness Tours

Tour the 60,000 square foot Sun Devil Fitness Complex. Included in this wellness facility are two soccer fields, a softball field, and 10,000 square feet of state-of-the-art weight and fitness areas, including cardiovascular equipment, strength machine equipment, and free weights. The complex also boasts three multipurpose studios for aerobics, boot camp, yoga, dance, Pilates and student club use; a two-court gymnasium for basketball, volleyball, and badminton; a multi-activity gymnasium for campus events and indoor soccer; two racquetball courts; expanded Health Services; and an outdoor leisure pool with lap lanes. Programs and services are open during the day, evening and weekends.

Zone C: Polytechnic • Sun Devil Fitness Complex (SDFCP) | First Floor | SDFC Lobby


Pixel Art Creation

Create 3D pixel art with light-up bricks! In this hands-on activity, participants will design and build with LED bricks. Fun for the whole family!

Zone A: Polytechnic • Technology Center (TECH) | First Floor | 113

Natural Science

Writers, Rockets and More!

Writers, Rockets and More! The sky's the limit, let your writing, your rocket and senses soar! Join University Academic Success Programs to write creatively, construct soda straw rockets and play our mystery balloon sensory game.

Zone A: Polytechnic • Academic Center (CNTR) | First Floor | 160


Water Roll

You decide where our water should go! The Colorado River supplies water to seven states, including Arizona. In this interactive game, participants use marbles and tubes to allocate one of our most important and scarcest resources: fresh water. You get to decide how much water to send to farms, factories and homes. After completing this activity, you will be awarded a Water station recipe card. Collect all six recipe cards and you will be recognized as a Sustainability Super Hero and be awarded a prize pack!

Zone A: Polytechnic • Academic Center (CNTR) Outdoors | North Lawn

Social Science

Bringing Education to Life

Join Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College as we celebrate the bicentennial of Mary Shelley’s timeless 19th-century novel, “Frankenstein.” We’ll reflect on this novel’s message about creation, science and what it means to be human. Together, we’ll explore the pros and cons of innovative technologies and examine what can go wrong or right in the process of creation. We’ll bring life to concepts of design thinking, creativity, and problem-solving as you participate in activities that will allow you to imagine future contributions. Each participant will create a creature — using unorthodox materials — and help us craft a collaborative story.

Zone B: Polytechnic • Student Union (UNION) Outdoors | West Lawn

Social Science

The Real CSI!

Have you ever wanted to know how Police solve crimes? Come visit the ASU Police booth and find out about the tools and techniques officers use to put the puzzle together!

Zone B: Polytechnic • Student Union (UNION) Outdoors | West Lawn

Student Life

Access ASU, me3, College and Career Exploration

Please join us at the Access ASU table for information on college readiness. Visitors will get the opportunity to take me3, an online interactive major and career quiz, spin our prize wheel for a chance to win one of our amazing giveaways, and find out more about how to get prepared for college.

Zone A: Polytechnic • Academic Center (CNTR) | First Floor | 110


Air Powered Paper Rockets

Do you like explosions? So do we, but they won't let us do that. So let's launch a rocket! Come see who can build the rocket that will go the highest with nothing but paper and tape.

Zone C: Polytechnic • Sun Devil Fitness Complex (SDFCP) Outdoors | Southside, on Sun Devil Mall

Health & Wellness

Human Anatomy

There will be models of the human skeleton and muscular anatomy; microscopic views of cells; interactive 3D models of the eye, heart and inner ear for young explorers and preserved organ specimens (animal) for the older ones to observe!

Zone A: Polytechnic • Santan Hall (SANTN) | Second Floor | Room 202


Aviation Programs PowerPlants Lab

Aircraft jet engine laboratory will showcase various types of engines/aircraft components and their operation.

Zone C: Polytechnic • Simulator Building (SIM) | First Floor | 121

Social Science

Social Science Corn Hole

Come enjoy a game of corn hole and win a prize! You can engage in conversation about social science degree offerings at the College of Integrative Sciences and Arts and grab some handouts while you're at it.

Zone B: Polytechnic • Santa Catalina Hall (SANCA) Outdoors | Outside the building near the south staircase

Social Science

Edison's Laboratory

Thomas Edison, "The Wizard of Menlo Park," was a prolific American inventor who impacted the world. Take a walk through Menlo Park with the virtual reality game ASU Preparatory Academy/ASU Prep Digital created for our college prep high school students.

Zone B: Polytechnic • Student Union (UNION) | First Floor | Lobby


Aviation Programs Air Traffic Control Simulation

The Aviation Programs will showcase the air traffic control simulator.

Zone C: Polytechnic • Simulator Building (SIM) | Second Floor | 264

Health & Wellness

Operation: Silly Skills

Special Hours: 5-8 pm

As you are exploring your campus resources during Night of the Open Door, make sure to stop by Health Services in the Wellness Suite for the trickiest, and perhaps silliest, game of Operation you’ve ever played! Test your skill, bring a friend and see if you can take on the challenge of Operation: Silly Skills!

Zone C: Polytechnic • Sun Devil Fitness Complex (SDFCP) | First Floor | Wellness Suite

Social Science

Keep Calm and Psych On

Have you ever wondered why you hate eating vegetables? You may be a supertaster! Enter the world of psychology as we conduct cool taste experiments (where lemons will taste like lemonade, sugar will taste like sand, etc.), and demonstrate some client-counselor interactions. Psychology has an impact on every aspect of our lives so come join us and discover the fascinating world of the mind and behavior!

Zone B: Polytechnic • Santa Catalina Hall (SANCA) | First Floor | Room 130

Student Life

ASU Admission 101

Special Hours: 4:00 - 5:00 p.m.

This session will guide you through the process of your college search process and offer helpful advice to find the right fit college or university. You will receive helpful information about the admission process, scholarship programs, and financial aid. Our experienced admission representatives will provide helpful tips on navigating the college search process. Additionally, you will learn about the ASU student experience. This must-attend session will help guide you on the right path to attending college.

Zone A: Polytechnic • Administration (ADMIN) | First Floor | Room 140