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Fantastic Voyage: The Human Body

Zone B: West campus

Let’s take a trip inside of the Human Body!!! Cells in the microscope and bones on the table ... Could you build the skeleton? Muscles, brain and eye in 3D-models; but if you wear glasses, how are they working? And for the older travelers: a preserved animal: intestines and heart…Observe and touch; but, are you alive? Seat and relax, a simple machine will register the electrical impulses of you heart ^J^ Tour starts in the first floor

Scheduled events: 1:10pm; 1:40pm; 2:10pm; 2:40pm: 3:10pm: 3:40pm; 4:10pm: 4:40pm.

Health & Wellness

Building: Classroom/Lab/Computer Classroom (CLCC)
Room or Location: WEST CLCC 352

Host: School of Mathematical and Natural Sciences