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BIO-RAMA Owl Extravaganza!

Zone B: West campus

Come experience the magic of biology first-hand! Owls usually swallow their prey whole but are unable to digest certain parts such as bones, teeth, and fur. The owl’s gizzard packs the undigested parts into a ball called a “pellet” that they puke back up. Owls generally cast out about two pellets a day! Come use our tools to see what your owl ate!




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Bringing together the best of both a small-college experience – with its close personal relationships –and a top-tier research university – with its cutting-edge research faculty – ASU’s New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences located at the beautiful West campus is nationally unique. Working across old disciplinary boundaries, our faculty produce innovative research, not just report on it. We take our students with us on this fascinating journey, which provides extraordinary opportunities for growth and exciting ways to shape your future.