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West Campus Activities

Saturday, Feb. 16, 2019 | 1–5 p.m.

Health & Wellness

Bio Dots

Participants will receive a Bio-dot, which monitors a person's stress level throughout the day.

Zone C: West • Sun Devil Fitness Complex (SDFCW) | First Floor | lobby of the first floor

Natural Science

Talkin' Toxicology

This is a display and discussion of some of the most famous poisons and toxicants, such as cyanide, arsenic, DDT, mercury and radioactive materials. Experts are available to discuss the sources and effects of these compounds on both people and the environment.

Zone B: West • Classroom/Lab/Computer Classroom (CLCC) | Third Floor | 322L1


Let's Get Down To Business with Knight-Swift Transportation!

Come visit W. P. Carey School of Business and Knight-Swift Transportation. They are now the industry's largest full truckload company; operating with an extensive fleet of roughly 23,000 tractors, 77,000 trailers, and employing 28,000 people. We will have one of their semi-tractors (semi cab) on campus to view.

Zone B: West • Sands Classroom & Lecture Hall (SANDS) Outdoors | West of Fletcher Library and South of Sands

Student Life

Residence Hall Tours

We will be offering tours of our Freshmen Residence Hall, Casa de Oro! Come see this beautiful community and learn how our first-year students live! Tours will include the community kitchen, laundry room, study lounges, and a Model room.

Zone B: West • Casa De Oro ( CDOR ) | First Floor | Lobby of Casa de Oro

Student Life

ASU Admission 101

Special Hours: 1:00-2:00

Join us for ASU Admission 101 during Open Door. This session will guide you through the process of your college search and offer advice to find the right fit college or university. You will receive helpful information about the admission process, and get an edge in learning about scholarships and financial aid. Our experienced admission representatives will share helpful questions and tips to consider in the college search process. Come learn about the ASU student experience, and what it means to be a Sun Devil. This must attend session will help guide you on the right path to attending college.

Schedule: 1:00 p.m.

Zone B: West • Kiva Lecture Hall (KIVA) | First Floor | Kiva Lecture Hall

Student Life

Experience ASU Online Through Augmented Reality

ASU Online will share an augmented reality experience to show participants some of the innovations ASU is employing to deliver a premium online college experience. The experience will offer a unique perspective into a day in the life of our online students - showcasing the relationships and technologies that are the foundation of all of our programs.

Zone C: West • Fletcher Library (FLHLB) | First Floor | 1st floor lobby


Lets Get Down To Business with a Balloon Artist!

Come visit the W. P. Carey School of Business balloon twister artist. They will amaze you with your very own balloon creation!

Zone B: West • Fletcher Lawn Outdoors | Southwest corner of Fletcher Lawn

Social Science

Sweet Talk

Come learn how to speak from the heart with our communication mentors and enjoy some cotton candy.

Zone B: West • Sands Classroom & Lecture Hall (SANDS) Outdoors | Sands ground level breezeway and breezeway of the third floor

Natural Science

Black widows from our urban desert

Kids and adults alike will be wowed by live, safely contained, black widow spiders. Staff will lead kids through the scientific process--asking questions and designing tests of their hypotheses. Undergraduate students will explain the work they do in the lab.

Zone B: West • Classroom/Lab/Computer Classroom (CLCC) | Third Floor | 3rd floor entry way



Test your knowledge of subjects in the humanities and arts by playing this parody of the game show Jeopardy based on the degrees awarded in the School of Humanities, Arts, and Cultural Studies. Prizes awarded for correct answers!

Zone A: West • University Center (UCB) Outdoors | South Walkway (Verde Mall)

Student Life

About You/About ASU

Spin the Wheel to win some ASU swag. We'll learn about you while you learn about ASU. Younger guests can play and win with our Skee-Ball game.

Zone C: West • Sun Devil Fitness Complex (SDFCW) | First Floor | SDFC First Floor

Social Science

Can you beat a lie detector?

Participate in a 15 minute activity where you will put on a motion tracking suit and play the game "two truths and a lie." As we project your skeleton on a large wall, learn more about the research behind our detection algorithms based on body movement tracking.

Schedule: Every 20 minutes

Zone A: West • Faculty Office/Administration (FAB) | Lower Level | B29

Health & Wellness

Fantastic Voyage: The Human Body

Let’s take a trip inside of the Human Body!!! Cells in the microscope and bones on the table ... Could you build the skeleton? Muscles, brain and eye in 3D-models; but if you wear glasses, how are they working? And for the older travelers: a preserved animal: intestines and heart…Observe and touch; but, are you alive? Seat and relax, a simple machine will register the electrical impulses of you heart ^J^ Tour starts in the first floor

Schedule: 1:10pm; 1:40pm; 2:10pm; 2:40pm: 3:10pm: 3:40pm; 4:10pm: 4:40pm.

Zone B: West • Classroom/Lab/Computer Classroom (CLCC) | Third Floor | WEST CLCC 352

Health & Wellness

Wheel of Wellness

Wellness is an active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life. Visit us to spin the Wheel of Wellness and win a prize to enhance your health..

Zone B: West • Sands Classroom & Lecture Hall (SANDS) | First Floor | 135


Super Hero Masks

Whether it's Captain America, Spider-man, Iron Man, or even Sparky! Come out and show off your creativity by making your very own super hero masks.

Zone C: West • Sun Devil Fitness Complex (SDFCW) | First Floor | Basketball Courts


Letters to Veterans

Join Changemaker Central as we create special, personalized letters for Veterans.

Zone B: West • Casa De Oro ( CDOR ) | First Floor | Changemaker Central

Health & Wellness

SDFC Backyard Games

Enjoy fun games provided by the Sun Devil Fitness Complex while you explore West Campus Open Door!

Zone B: West • The Quad Outdoors | Sun Devil Fitness Complex Quad

Health & Wellness

Play the Operation Game

Play the Operation game and learn about your body.

Zone C: West • Sun Devil Fitness Complex (SDFCW) | First Floor | basketball court


Solar Amusement Park

Students are introduced to the world of creative engineering product design. Students choose a theme park ride that they want to build that is run ONLY by a solar panel and simple motor. As students begin by defining the problem, they learn to recognize the need, identify a target population, relate to the project and identify its requirements and constraints. They then create and test prototypes, and re-design to optimize their solutions.

Zone B: West • Fletcher Lawn Outdoors | ELYSSA TO DETERMINE LOCATION

Student Life

Edison's Laboratory

Thomas Edison, "The Wizard of Menlo Park," was a prolific American inventor who impacted the world. Take a walk through Menlo Park with the virtual reality game ASU Preparatory Academy/ASU Prep Digital created for our college prep high school students.

Zone B: West • Sands Classroom & Lecture Hall (SANDS) | First Floor | 101

Natural Science

3D Shapes with Geometiles

Build simple or complex shapes with Geometiles. Can you build all the ‘solid’ shapes? Can you build a closed shape with at least one of each type of tile? Explore the possibilities of shapes in 3D with these durable tiles.

Zone B: West • Classroom/Lab/Computer Classroom (CLCC) Outdoors | Ground Floor Breezeway

Health & Wellness

Biomedical Research Lab Open House

Take a tour of the biomedical research lab, hear a research pitch, view cells under the microscope, learn about the benefits of vitamin D, nutraceuticals and more!

Zone B: West • Classroom/Lab/Computer Classroom (CLCC) | Third Floor | Third Floor, Hallway & Lab 330

Student Life

Access ASU, me3, College and Career Exploration

Please join us at the Access ASU table for information on college readiness. Visitors will get the opportunity to take me3, an online interactive major and career quiz, play a game for a chance to win one of our amazing giveaways and find out more about how to get prepared for college and your future career!

Zone C: West • Sun Devil Fitness Complex (SDFCW) | First Floor | Main Gym area on the 1st floor

Social Science

The Real CSI!

Want to know some of the ways that Police Officers solve crimes? Come visit our fun booth to talk to officers and learn tools and techniques we use to put the evidence puzzle together to figure out WHO DID IT?!

Zone B: West • Fletcher Lawn Outdoors | lawn


Make Your Own Toothpaste

Join E.A.R.T.H. Club for a fun do it yourself project and learn how to make your very own toothpaste!

Zone C: West • Sun Devil Fitness Complex (SDFCW) | First Floor | Basketball Courts


Lego Mindstorm at Herberger Young Scholars Academy

In the seventies, it was predicted that in 20 years robots would be everywhere. In the eighties, it was predicted that in 40 years robots would be everywhere...” (Marvin Minsky) Well, the age of robotics may have finally arrived! Come watch the Herberger Young Scholars Academy Secondary I Robotics Team engineer, program and run Lego Mindstorm robots to complete some very complex tasks. From bots that pick up and deliver items to bots that can solve a Rubik’s Cube, this ASU Open Door exhibition is sure to get your circuits going!

Zone A: West • Herberger Young Scholars Academy (HYSA) | First Floor | 102

Health & Wellness

Experiential Health Activities

Meet Sammy the simulation manikin and learn first aid techniques as he experiences a “series of unfortunate events”. Learn to recognize heart and breath sounds using the same equipment our students use. Watch a CPR demonstration and practice on our manikins, then play our dice game to win supplies to build your own mini first aid kit.

Zone B: West • Sands Classroom & Lecture Hall (SANDS) | First Floor | 135

Student Life

Pipe Cleaner Bracelets

You can make colorful bracelets out of pipe cleaners and beads. Perfect for team colors, friendship bracelets or for yourself.

Zone C: West • Sun Devil Fitness Complex (SDFCW) | First Floor | SDFC West - Basketball Court


Chinese Language and Cultural Training for Beginners

Why are people all over the world learning Chinese? What is modern China about? Learn from our global experts about life in China and how to begin the project of learning Chinese. These professional language and cultural professors have trained multinational employees and foreign governments about China for over 50 years. You will have fun as you learn the basics of Chinese and discuss modern China with our experts.

Zone B: West • Sands Classroom & Lecture Hall (SANDS) | First Floor | Sands building


You Can Do the Cube - Rubik's Cube Competition

Special Hours: 8:30 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.

Kicking off Open Door Day West Campus, the Rubik's Cube Competition is an annual event. Teams can register up until January 27, 2019 at www.YouCanDoTheCube.com

Zone A: West • University Center (UCB) | First Floor | LaSala Ballrooms (A,B,C)