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Postcards from the Future

Zone D: Tempe campus

When we think of our shared climate future, the stories we tell ourselves are often frightening. Tales of megastorms, sweeping crop failures, and heat waves loom over us, sending a signal that the problem is so complex that it’s out of our control. But what if we told different stories? What if we shared narratives, poems, and songs about climate adaptation, resilience and cooperation in the coming century that could inspire better futures for all of us? Come join ASU's Center for Science and the Imagination to experience glimpses of possible worlds and send someone a postcard from the future!





College of Global Futures

The College of Global Futures empowers students to make a long-term impact. Comprised of the School for the Future of Innovation in Society, the School of Sustainability and the School of Complex Adaptive Systems, the transdisciplinary approach engaged throughout the College leverages resources from across the nation’s most innovative university and equips global leaders of today and tomorrow with the ability to apply their skills and knowledge in any arena.