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MobileNEWT - Testbed

Zone D: Tempe campus

The MobileNEWT (Nano-Enabled Water Treatment) is a customized, enclosed trailer (i.e., 14X7 feet) on a dual-axle for easy hauling and deployment in featuring many Nanotechnologies based water treatment modules. It is built with a large side-window for public viewing, interaction, education and for the dissemination of knowledge. The overall goal of the MobileNEWT is to incorporate the advances of Engineering Nanomaterials (ENMs) into modular water treatment systems. The ENMs integrated devices are tested under actual field setting to validate Nano-based technologies in further driving innovations under the continuous-flow, actual field, and water treatment conditions toward real-world application & commercialization.


Building: Interdisciplinary Science And Technology Building IV (ISTB4)
Room or Location: NE Corner

Host: School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment