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Tempe Campus Activities

Saturday, Feb. 23, 2019 | 1–6 p.m.


Exploring Nanotechnology

Come try some fun hands-on activities to learn about nanotechnology and how the same ideas show up in everyday objects and products!

Zone D: Tempe • Interdisciplinary Science And Technology Building IV (ISTB4) | Third Floor | Crater Carpet


Comics & Zines!

Special Hours: 2-5 p.m.

Explore some comic themes and techniques with zines in mind! Experiment making your own zine and also meet our Faculty Associate and artist, Turner Davis, who teaches our Comics and Storyboards class as well as Illustration.

Zone A: Tempe • Art Building (ART) | Third Floor | 346


STEAM Machine

Students will work individually or as teams to build a machine based on Rube Goldberg chain reaction. The STEAM Machine is built all out of duct tape, PVC, mouse traps, wood, dominos, etc. Prizes awarded for completion of the task. The engineering design process allows participants to interconnect science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM) concepts to transform simple ideas and materials into complex multi-disciplinary systems. These machines create a unique opportunity for developing hands-on learning activities that promotes an understanding of teamwork and the engineering design process.

Zone B: Tempe • Old Main (MAIN) Outdoors | Lawn


School of Music's "Community Music Lab"

Special Hours: 1-4 p.m.

Come join the School of Music's "Community Music Lab." This hands-on experience is a way for the community of all ages and all levels of musical experience to collaborate and create together. ASU Music students will facilitate music making on an array of percussion and electronic instruments as a way to explore ways in which music making can build our ASU and greater community.

Zone A: Tempe • Music Building (MUSIC) Outdoors | Courtyard

Natural Science

Can the Math Swami Read Your Mind?

Our world-famous Math Swami is a master of minds, lord of logarithms, prince of primes. And he can read your mind. That’s right, Math Swami can accurately guess the number you are thinking of. Come by and see if you can outwit his predictive powers. You might need to bring your own crystal ball.

Zone C: Tempe • Wexler Hall (WXLR) Outdoors | North Patio

Health & Wellness

How Cool Are You?

The student EvMed club is investigating the variation in human body temperature. In addition to learning about fever and evolution, participants can help with this research by allowing club members to take and record their temperature (ear). These temperatures can be tracked against the temperature data from other people on other data collection days. This will allow club members to tell participants how "cool" they are compared to prior participants!

Zone B: Tempe • Life Sciences Center C (LSC) | Second Floor | Outside 210

Natural Science

The Psych Zone

Come get psyched! Enter a world of different psychological activities that promise to be exciting and educational. Experience how psychology connects with different aspects of life that you may have never realized!

Zone D: Tempe • Psychology Building (PSY) | First Floor | First & Second Floors


Future Builder

Can you create a sustainable future city? Future Builder introduces the three pillars of sustainability — society, economy and environment — and allows participants to consider the trade-offs associated with building different things, especially the high cost and relative scarcity of valuable resources.

Zone D: Tempe • Biodesign Institute Bldg C (BDC) Outdoors | Biodesign C Patio

Student Life

ASU Admission 101

Special Hours: 4-4:30 p.m.

This session will guide you through the process of your college search process and offer helpful advice to find the right fit college or university. You will receive helpful information about the admission process, scholarship programs and financial aid. Our experienced admission representatives will provide helpful tips on navigating the college search process. Additionally, you will learn about the ASU student experience. This must-attend session will help guide you on the right path to attending college. RSVP today at: https://visit.asu.edu/admission101/tempe.

Zone A: Tempe • College Avenue Commons (CAVC) | First Floor | 101

Social Science

Games of Skill

Visitors will play a “new-old” game representing historic cultural competitions and learn about the role of games as community-building events throughout history. Collect stamps on your SHESC treasure map to win a prize.

Zone A: Tempe • School of Human Evolution and Social Change (SHESC) Outdoors | Lawn


Hogwarts Wand-Making & Platform Photos

Special Hours: 3:30-6 p.m.

Members of Dumbledore’s Amy at ASU, a Harry Potter-themed student club, coach wannabe-wizards on the art of wand-making (supplies provided). Take a selfie at Platform 9 ¾ in London’s King's Cross Station!

Zone D: Tempe • Ross-Blakley Hall (RBHL) | First Floor | 117

Natural Science

Super Serpins Speed Race

Serpins are protease inhibitors found in all kingdoms of life. Protease inhibition by serpins controls an array of biological processes, including coagulation and inflammation, and consequently these proteins are the target of medical research.Visitors will get a chance to do a color matching and balancing activity demonstrating the specificity of the serpins along with how they are involved in a balancing act of coagulation and lysis. Compete in the balancing race and win a treat!

Zone D: Tempe • Biodesign Institute Bldg B (BDB) | First Floor | Atrium


Learn from Nature! Experiments in Biogeotechnical Engineering

Mother Nature is Earth’s greatest design engineer and the researchers at the Center for Bio-mediated & Bio-inspired Geotechnics (CBBG) are following in her steps. Come try hands-on experiments and discover how CBBG engineers are working to develop efficient, ecologically friendly and cost-effective solutions that are inspired by nature!

Zone C: Tempe • Goldwater Center For Science & Engineering (GWC) | First Floor | 111, Lobby, Outside SE Entrance

Natural Science

HPV Test

Point-of-Care development of assays bring the lab to you. Simple like a urine test, your HPV pre-diagnostic tool for HPV-associated cancers. Our display includes a machine that generates test strips, we will have strips currently on the market to demonstrate our vision of the future.

Zone D: Tempe • Biodesign Institute Bldg B (BDB) | Lower Level | Atrium

Natural Science

What Chemistry is All About - Science is Fun

A spectacular series of hands-on chemical demonstrations for kids of all ages presented by the Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society.

Zone C: Tempe • Bateman Physical Sciences Center F (PSF) Outdoors | South Plaza

Social Science

The Real CSI!

Want to know some of the ways police officers solve crimes? Come visit our fun activity to talk with officers and learn tools and techniques we use to put the evidence puzzle together to figure out who did it!

Zone B: Tempe • Old Main (MAIN) Outdoors | Lawn


Drive a Robot with ASU/NASA Space Grant Robotics

Robotics for all ages! Drive an underwater robot or a remote controlled land rover and meet the ASU/NASA Space Grant Robotics Team.

Zone D: Tempe • Interdisciplinary Science And Technology Building IV (ISTB4) Outdoors | North Plaza

Natural Science

DNA Matching

Participants will cut out pieces of paper that have DNA labels on it in order to show a restriction digest enzyme. Then, they will cut out part of the DNA and to match to the enzyme in order to "create" a product, much like what occurs in our bodies. Participants can receive a small prize once the activity is completed.

Zone D: Tempe • Biodesign Institute Bldg B (BDB) | First Floor | Atrium


Launch Air Compressor Rockets

Join students from Sun Devil Rocketry (Daedalus Astronautics) in celebrating STEM education by building and launching your own rocket. Ask about our propulsion research, see some of the largest amateur rockets ASU has launched to date and learn about the exciting field of rocketry!

Zone D: Tempe • Psychology North (PSYN) Outdoors | PSYN 103

Natural Science

Black Box, How is Science Done?

Visitors will get a sealed black box with one of 10 different geometric shapes and a marble that rolls around. By listening and feeling, the visitor will try to figure out what shape is inside the box. By experimenting, visitors form hypotheses and test them. Eventually, they form a model. This is how scientists work by observing what can be seen and heard and forming models of what they are studying.

Zone D: Tempe • Biodesign Institute Bldg B (BDB) | First Floor | Atrium

Health & Wellness

Free Hearing Screenings

Get your hearing checked! Audiology graduate clinicians will be providing free hearing screenings. Stop by the Speech and Hearing Clinic to sign up. This free hearing screening is available to anyone ages 5 and up.

Zone A: Tempe • Coor Hall (COOR) | Second Floor | 2255

Social Science

Prize Wheel

Come spin to win! Receive free swag if you spin our wheel and answer a political trivia question.

Zone B: Tempe • Social Sciences Bldg. (SS) Outdoors | Atrium

Natural Science

Walk on Mars! Mars Space Flight Facility

ASU's THEMIS camera has been taking images of Mars since 2001 and has so far collected over 200,000 infrared images. The Mars Space Flight Facility has taken the best images and blended them together to create a global map of Mars that, when printed at full-resolution, is the size of a basketball court. Come walk across this giant map of Mars with our scientists and explore the Red Planet for yourself!

Zone B: Tempe • Physical Education Bldg. West (PEBW) | First Floor | Main Gym Floor


Interactive Tech Art Fun Fest!

Making computers do tricks! Featuring interactive video and sound art from Digital Culture students.

Zone A: Tempe • Stauffer Communication Arts B (STAUF) | First Floor | 103 & 125


Art Exhibition - The Galbut Prize

The Galbut Prize is an art exhibition that recognizes and supports young talent in the School of Art. The Galbut Prize is awarded annually and includes a $1,500 purchase prize juried by a rotating member of the community. This competitive prize will be awarded to an outstanding work created by one of ASU’s School of Art MFA students, which will then become part of the ASU permanent art collection and be displayed in a highly visible location on the Tempe campus. Come and see who won the award! All competing artworks will be on display.

Zone A: Tempe • Art Building (ART) | First Floor | Harry Wood Gallery

Student Life

Create Your Own ASU Alumni Association Traditions Tee

Customize your very own gold ASU Alumni Association t-shirt! Select designs based on Alumni Association traditions like painting "A" Mountain or the iconic Old Main building. Select your screen prints, where you want them placed on your shirt and ta-da! You have your very own personalized traditions tee.

Zone B: Tempe • Old Main (MAIN) Outdoors | Lawn

Natural Science

Learning and Development Lab

How do children learn words? How does language experience, like bilingualism, change learning and development? We are scientists in developmental psychology working to better understand how young children learn about the world around them. Stop by with your little ones to play some child-friendly games and learn more about how you and your child scientist can participate in our studies and contribute to the science behind children’s learning.

Zone D: Tempe • Psychology Building (PSY) Outdoors | Patio


Resource Innovation Solutions Network

Do you have a great idea to reduce the amount of waste that goes to our landfills? If so, we invite you to share it. Explore how you can turn trash into something valuable and explore what it takes to become an entrepreneur. The RISN Incubator is a business accelerator for entrepreneurs to new ways to use waste with the goal of moving a circular economy.

Zone D: Tempe • Biodesign Institute Bldg C (BDC) Outdoors | Biodesign C Patio

Natural Science

So You Think You Can Pinch

Come one, come all and "test your strength" at this carnival style game — with crayfish! Participants will pick three crayfish. We will ask you to predict which crayfish will have the strongest pinch. Then, we will measure each crayfish’s pinching force. Which crayfish is being deceptive? Will the biggest crayfish always have the strongest pinch? Also, learn how cold and warm water affect crayfish pinching force.

Zone B: Tempe • Life Sciences Center A (LSA) | First Floor | 165


Sustainability Planters With SWE!

Join the Society of Women Engineers for this fun and crafty DIY project to learn about sustainability in a creative atmosphere. While making plant pots out of recycled materials, participants will learn about various daily steps that can be taken to be mindful about our impact on the Earth.

Zone C: Tempe • Engineering Center G (ECG) Outdoors | Patio


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