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Tempe Campus Activities

Saturday, Feb. 23, 2019 | 1–6 p.m.

Natural Science

Endless Forms Most Beautiful

Come see our garden, like the crested cactus you see here, that shows how genetic mutations can create new and sometimes beautiful forms of life.

Zone D: Tempe • Biodesign Institute Bldg C (BDC) Outdoors | Patio

Natural Science

ISTB 4 - Gallery of Scientific Exploration - Three floors to explore!

The Gallery of Scientific Exploration showcases ASU's research of our dynamic Earth and way beyond! See scale models of the Mars Curiosity rover, Saturn V Rocket, experience Magic Planet, Meteorites and these Open Door exhibitors: Earth Impact Craters, ASU/NASA Space Grant Scholars, Astrodevils, Life Beneath, Sun Devil Satellite Lab, Low-frequency Cosmology Group (LoCo Lab), Psyche Asteroid Mission, The Planetary Society @ ASU, Experimental Petrology and Igneous processes Center (EPIC Lab) and much more. Floors 1, 2 and 3 of ISTB 4 will be accessible during Open Door. Come and explore!

Zone D: Tempe • Interdisciplinary Science And Technology Building IV (ISTB4) | First Floor | First, Second and Third Floors


Calligraphies of the World

Join the School of International Letters and Cultures for a lesson in how to write your name in one of the calligraphies of the world. Arabic, Chinese, Ancient Greek, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Vietnamese. In addition, there will be a photoshoot in traditional Chinese outfits and there will be a Mahjong table and a Chinese knotting table.

Zone B: Tempe • Durham Language & Literature Bldg. (LL) Outdoors | Outside


Share Your Culture

Student & Cultural Engagement (SCE) creates a transformational opportunity to engage in culture, community and global leadership at Arizona State University. Students find opportunities to explore the Sun Devil community through community building, global leadership, inclusion, cultural celebrations, civic discourse and community change. SCE promotes the development of Sun Devil culture through self-expression, learning and heritage with the formation of an ASU culture rooted in inclusion, individual experience, community values and the Sun Devil way. LEGO and share who you are and be sure to pick up a Culture@ASU Coloring Book!

Zone B: Tempe • Old Main (MAIN) Outdoors | Lawn


Art Exhibition - The Galbut Prize

The Galbut Prize is an art exhibition that recognizes and supports young talent in the School of Art. The Galbut Prize is awarded annually and includes a $1,500 purchase prize juried by a rotating member of the community. This competitive prize will be awarded to an outstanding work created by one of ASU’s School of Art MFA students, which will then become part of the ASU permanent art collection and be displayed in a highly visible location on the Tempe campus. Come and see who won the award! All competing artworks will be on display.

Zone A: Tempe • Art Building (ART) | First Floor | Harry Wood Gallery


Time Capsules

Time capsules are used to preserve items, memories and thoughts for historical purposes. Kids are given items from the year to put into a time capsule. They are provided craft supplies to decorate the outside how they will like. Their time capsules are to remain unopened until a later date where they provide a "blast from the past" to whoever opens them.

Zone A: Tempe • Coor Hall (COOR) Outdoors | Forrest Mall Lawn

Natural Science

NASA's Psyche Asteroid Mission

Psyche is both the name of an asteroid orbiting the Sun between Mars and Jupiter — and the name of a NASA space mission to visit that asteroid, led by Arizona State University. Join us and take a picture with a papier-mâché Psyche, color the mission badge and try out a virtual reality activity!

Zone D: Tempe • Interdisciplinary Science And Technology Building IV (ISTB4) | First Floor | Back of 1st Floor Lobby


Theatre - Tour of Facilities

Special Hours: 2-5 p.m.

The School of Film, Dance, and Theatre invites you to see where the magic happens by touring our theatre stages and spaces. We will show you what goes on behind-the-scenes and then invite you back to campus to see one of our many productions!

Schedule: 2:00 pm, 4:00 pm

Zone A: Tempe • Dixie Gammage Hall (GHALL) Outdoors | Building Entrance

Student Life

LIVE Performance by the Ukulele Club at ASU!

Special Hours: 4:30-5:30 p.m.

Listen to beautiful ukulele music performed LIVE by talented Sun Devils!

Zone A: Tempe • Coor Hall (COOR) Outdoors | 6th Floor Patio

Health & Wellness

Let's Talk About Vocal Health!

Is your habitual pitch also your optimal pitch? Graduate students will take pitch measurements and discuss effects of habitual pitch that is not optimum.

Zone A: Tempe • Coor Hall (COOR) Outdoors | Forrest Mall Lawn


Tigers Be Still

Special Hours: 7:30-9:30 p.m.

In this comedy about depression, Sherry finds herself unemployed, overwhelmed and back at home after earning her master's degree in art therapy. When she gets hired as a substitute art teacher, things begin to brighten up. Now if only her mom would come downstairs, her sister would get off the couch, her very first patient would do just one of his assignments, her new boss would leave his gun at home and someone would catch the tiger that escaped from the local zoo, everything would be fine! Ticket prices range from $5-10 and can be purchased at: https://filmdancetheatre.asu.edu/events.

Zone A: Tempe • Nelson Fine Arts Center (FAC) | First Floor | 133

Natural Science

Fighting Superbugs

This activity will show how optics can identify antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Participants will use various microscopes to look at resistant bacteria. Graphics will show information about how bacteria becomes resistant. We will hand out a paper microscope that participants can take home.

Zone D: Tempe • Biodesign Institute Bldg B (BDB) | First Floor | Atrium

Social Science

Civic Education Classics Display

Come check out our collection of rare books including a first edition of Abraham Lincoln's "Gettysburg Address", a signed first edition of Harriet Beecher Stowe's "Uncle Tom's Cabin", signed first editions of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s books "Strength to Love" and "Stride toward Freedom", plus many more! Chat with our faculty to learn more about these rare works!

Zone B: Tempe • Social Sciences Bldg. (SS) Outdoors | Atrium

Social Science

Political Trivia and Treats

Visit our gallery and spin the School of Politics and Global Studies Trivia Wheel! Test your political and global knowledge and win some tasty snacks!

Zone A: Tempe • Coor Hall (COOR) | Sixth Floor | 6607 Gallery

Natural Science

Black Box, How is Science Done?

Visitors will get a sealed black box with one of 10 different geometric shapes and a marble that rolls around. By listening and feeling, the visitor will try to figure out what shape is inside the box. By experimenting, visitors form hypotheses and test them. Eventually, they form a model. This is how scientists work by observing what can be seen and heard and forming models of what they are studying.

Zone D: Tempe • Biodesign Institute Bldg B (BDB) | First Floor | Atrium

Natural Science

Specificity Like Lock and Key

Game; lock and key game to represent antigen recognition in Nucleic Acid Programmable Protein Array.

Zone D: Tempe • Biodesign Institute Bldg B (BDB) | Lower Level | Atrium


Portfolio Review

Special Hours: 5-6 p.m.

Applying to Art School? Then do not miss a chance to have your portfolio reviewed by the School of Art. Bring 3-5 examples of your current artwork and receive valuable feedback about your work. Please bring in physical artworks to be reviewed. For digital artists, minimum 7" x 9" tablet. Images will not be reviewed on phone.

Zone A: Tempe • Art Building (ART) | Third Floor | 326

Natural Science

Brain Investigation Station – What’s Inside Your Head?

Have you ever wondered what brains are made of and can do? At the Brain Investigation Station, learn about the parts of the brain and how they work through fun, hands-on activities. Come see and touch a real brain or build a neuron from scratch. You will find answers to questions you never knew you had!

Zone D: Tempe • Psychology Building (PSY) Outdoors | Patio


Sari Wrapping

Faculty and students will demonstrate how to wrap a Sudanese sari on volunteer participants.

Zone B: Tempe • Durham Language & Literature Bldg. (LL) Outdoors | Outside


Future Builder

Can you create a sustainable future city? Future Builder introduces the three pillars of sustainability — society, economy and environment — and allows participants to consider the trade-offs associated with building different things, especially the high cost and relative scarcity of valuable resources.

Zone D: Tempe • Biodesign Institute Bldg C (BDC) Outdoors | Biodesign C Patio

Natural Science

Superpower Biomarker

Play a computer game to recognize patterns from Nucleic Acid Programmable Protein Arrays (NAPPA) between people with and without a random disease.

Zone D: Tempe • Biodesign Institute Bldg B (BDB) | First Floor | Atrium

Natural Science

Why Lizard Skulls Are Different

Lizards come in all shapes and sizes and we like to study how this diversity has evolved. Here, you can see and touch 3D printed skulls from different species of spiny lizards. Learn how they are different and try to guess which lizard species are closely related and which ones are long-distant relatives.

Zone B: Tempe • Life Sciences Center C (LSC) | First Floor | 102

Social Science

Historical Coloring Station

Make your mark on history! We will provide the colors and custom blank coloring templates featuring illustrations of American heroes including George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Alexander Hamilton and more. All you need to bring is your creativity!

Zone B: Tempe • Social Sciences Bldg. (SS) Outdoors | Atrium

Natural Science

See Yourself in Infrared

Scientists use infrared photography to reveal hidden patterns of warm and cool temperatures, health of plants and more. Here is a chance to see how YOU look in infrared and learn about other applications of IR photography!

Zone A: Tempe • Coor Hall (COOR) Outdoors | East Patio

Natural Science

Saving the World With Viruses!

Computer slide shows, Styrofoam models and sterile dishes will demonstrate how we manipulate viruses and use them in order to make better and safer treatments.

Zone D: Tempe • Biodesign Institute Bldg B (BDB) | First Floor | Atrium


Experiential Research Extravaganza!

Showing off works and research from the School of Arts, Media and Engineering.

Zone A: Tempe • Stauffer Communication Arts B (STAUF) | First Floor | Gallery

Natural Science

HPV Test

Point-of-Care development of assays bring the lab to you. Simple like a urine test, your HPV pre-diagnostic tool for HPV-associated cancers. Our display includes a machine that generates test strips, we will have strips currently on the market to demonstrate our vision of the future.

Zone D: Tempe • Biodesign Institute Bldg B (BDB) | Lower Level | Atrium

Natural Science

Alzheimer’s Brain

Participants can look through two microscopes to view and compare a brain tissue slide containing the pathology indicated in Alzheimer's, as well as one without these plaques and tangles. There will be a partial human brain available to view and a sealed piece of brain tissue to touch. Also available will be informative resource pamphlets and a sample of one of the cognitive tests used in determination/diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease.

Zone D: Tempe • Biodesign Institute Bldg B (BDB) | Lower Level | Atrium

Natural Science

Center for Meteorite Studies: Is Your Rock a Meteorite or "Meteorwrong"?

Every meteorite tells a story. See and touch real meteorites and meet the people who study them. Think your favorite rock might be a meteorite? Bring it with you and the experts will let you know if it is a meteorite or a "meteorwrong". The Center for Meteorite Studies is the largest university-based collection of meteorites on the planet.

Zone D: Tempe • Interdisciplinary Science And Technology Building IV (ISTB4) | Second Floor | Gallery


Water Treatment Demonstrations

See hands-on demonstrations on topics ranging from how we obtain our water to what steps we take to make sure it's safe to drink. Talk to graduate students about their research on how we ensure everyone has access to safe, clean water resources.

Zone D: Tempe • Interdisciplinary Science And Technology Building IV (ISTB4) | Third Floor | 3rd Floor Lobby


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