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Saturday, Feb. 22, 2020 | 1–5 p.m.

Social Science

Kid’s Crafts – If I Were President or an Ambassador Posters!

Imagine what you would do if you were the leader of the United States or an ambassador from your home country representing abroad!

Zone A: Tempe • Coor Hall (COOR) Outdoors | East Patio


Creative Movement for Family Fun

Movement is life! Discover the budding dancer/choreographer within as all are invited to explore creative movement in community. No previous dance training or movement experience is required.

Schedule: 1:30pm and 2:30pm

Zone A: Tempe • Dixie Gammage Hall (GHALL) Outdoors | Lawn in front of Dixie Gammage

Social Science

Black Box: How is Science Done?

Try to figure out what is inside the Black Box without opening it. With the Black Box activity, introduce the idea of reasoning from indirect observations. Any discovery made in the field of science was possible due to many such attempts. A good example is the identification of extra solar planets. We have not seen or photographed them but we know they are there from two indirect means. One is the regular decreasing light when the planet gets between their sun and us. The other is the slight wobble of the star in response to the planet’s orbit.

Zone D: Tempe • Biodesign Institute Bldg A (BDA) | First Floor | Hallway


Portfolio Review

Special Hours: 3:45-5 p.m.

Applying to Art School? Then do not miss a chance to have your portfolio reviewed by the School of Art. Bring 3-5 examples of your current artwork and receive valuable feedback about it. Please bring in physical artworks to be reviewed. For digital artists, minimum 7" x 9" tablet. Images will not be reviewed on phone. Scheduling for reviews will be in person and begin at 3:45 p.m. This is on a first-come basis.

Zone A: Tempe • Art Building (ART) | Third Floor | 326


Modern White Photo Booth

Take a photo with your friends and family and get a photo strip to take home with you.

Zone B: Tempe • Old Main (MAIN) Outdoors | Old Main Lawn


Studying Diseases on Chips

Come join some researchers involved in Biomedical Engineering, tour the academic lab and learn about all of the fun, interesting research in micromodels that is going on!

Zone C: Tempe • Interdisciplinary Science And Technology Building I (ISTB1) | First Floor | 153G

Natural Science

Small Fish, Big Splash!

Did you know that earth is made up of countless ecosystems? They can be as large as a desert or as small as your backyard. But what happens when water pollutants, such as BPA, are added to an ecosystem? Go on a fishing quest to different ecosystems and play games to learn how a small fish from a faraway river basin helps us understand the effects of pollutants on the growth and behavior of animals.

Zone B: Tempe • Life Sciences Center C (LSC) | First Floor | Entryway

Natural Science

Math is Changing the World - Find Out How

Were you aware that math is used to solve most business and research problems today? Come hear how our faculty and graduate students are applying math to change the world!

Zone C: Tempe • Wexler Hall (WXLR) | First Floor | 116

Social Science

Arizona Giant Map

It would take some time to traverse Arizona from Mexico to Utah and California to New Mexico - instead take your shoes off and explore our giant 17- by 20-foot map on foot! Great for kids 7-11 but fun for everyone - stop by to play a map game or just explore!

Zone A: Tempe • Coor Hall (COOR) Outdoors | East Patio


Autonomous Vehicle Driving System

Autonomous cars is the trending technology in the automobile industry - come witness how the autonomous vehicles navigate around by communicating with each other performing various maneuvers while they move across the roads. This is demonstrated by using remote-controlled cars that communicate with each other and navigate around the map at intersections, merging, etc.

Zone C: Tempe • Physical Education Bldg. East (PEBE) | First Floor | PEBE 145

Natural Science

Live and Pinned Insects

Have you ever wondered what the inside of a bee hive looks like? Do you want to see ants tending to their queen? Are you curious why the Madagascar Hissing cockroach hisses? You can get these questions answered and more as well as see lots of living and preserved critters at the Social Insect Research Group booth where numerous insect researchers will be showing off insects and talking about their research.

Zone B: Tempe • Life Sciences Center C (LSC) | First Floor | Atrium

Natural Science

A Picture Worth 100,000 Dots

Have your photo taken and transformed into a unique piece of TSP art. Known as Traveling Salesman Problem art, it uses math to convert an image into 100,000 dots and then draws a single line to connect all the dots. If you drew it by hand, you would use one single stroke without lifting your pencil. Math helps us figure the best route. Stop by and take home a printout of your own custom TSP art.

Zone C: Tempe • Wexler Hall (WXLR) | First Floor | 118


DIY Selfie Station

Take a selfie with Sparky or choose one of 11 change makers that have made a difference in our world.

Zone B: Tempe • Old Main (MAIN) Outdoors | Old Main Lawn

Natural Science

Can the Math Magician Read Your Mind?

Our world-famous Math Magician is a master of minds, lord of logarithms, prince of primes. And he can read your mind. That’s right, he can accurately guess the number you are thinking of. Come by and see if you can outwit his predictive powers. You might need to bring your own crystal ball.

Zone C: Tempe • Wexler Hall (WXLR) Outdoors | North Patio

Student Life

Dress Like a Soldier

Veterans Upward Bound will have real U.S. Army uniforms that you can put on to look like a real life soldier. Come by and put on a vest that soldiers wear overseas as well as helmets and eyewear. Get your picture taken with it all on to show everyone what you would look like right out of Basic Training.

Zone B: Tempe • Old Main (MAIN) Outdoors | Old Main Lawn


The Sound You Can't Hear: an Ultrasound Experience

Sound isn't always what it seems to be. High frequency sound is able to move through different objects, and provide images that are useful for scientists and doctors. Join us in an in-depth walk through of how ultrasound systems work!

Zone C: Tempe • Interdisciplinary Science And Technology Building I (ISTB1) | First Floor | 162


Let's Get Down to Business

Come visit the W. P. Carey School of Business activity area to learn about how to create a business! Join us and foster your entrepreneurial spirit by starting with an idea and turning the idea into a business! You can also decode secret messages and engage in data games as you creatively, dream and explore with W. P. Carey students and balloon animals there to guide you through the activities.

Zone B: Tempe • Old Main (MAIN) Outdoors | Old Main Lawn

Student Life

Experience ASU Online Through Virtual Reality

ASU Online will share a virtual reality experience to show participants some of the innovations ASU is employing to deliver a premium online college experience. The experience will offer a unique perspective into a day in the life of our online students - showcasing the relationships and technologies that are the foundation of all of our programs.

Zone B: Tempe • Old Main (MAIN) Outdoors | Farnsworth Terrace


Learn How Screen-Printing Works!

Special Hours: 1-4 p.m.

Stop by and see how to screen-print on fabric with current School of Art students. Great for all ages! Visitors will receive a free "I Heart Art" bandana while supplies last.

Zone A: Tempe • Art Building (ART) Outdoors | Entryway

Student Life

University Testing and Scanning Services

Come learn how you, friends and family* can save money and time by earning college credits through CLEP. *high school, incoming, current and returning students

Zone C: Tempe • Tyler Mall Cantina (TYLER) Outdoors | Tyler Mall / Palm Walk Intersection

Student Life

Graduate College Superhero Universe

Step inside the Graduate College universe to create your own superhero persona with the superhero name generator, spin the wheel of super powers and discover that not all super heroes wear masks. Also, let us know how YOU plan to save the world by signing our superhero panel and help expand the graduate college universe!

Zone B: Tempe • Old Main (MAIN) Outdoors | 'Old Main Lawn


DIY Biomaterials

Come visit Dr. Holloway's lab to perform drug delivery experiments, make your own gel bead biomaterials, and see how we test mechanical properties.

Zone C: Tempe • Engineering Center F (ECF) | First Floor | F115

Natural Science

Physics: The Phundamental Science

Make pie tins fly, manipulate invisible force fields and see a super-cold superconductor so strong it will even keep spinning upside down! Come by the Physics department to dive into the fundamentals of the universe with hands-on demonstrations for all ages!

Zone C: Tempe • Bateman Physical Sciences Center F (PSF) | First Floor | 186


Urine for a Surprise!

Urine diversion is a sustainable alternative for wastewater treatment. Urine diversion allows for water conservation, nutrient recovery for agriculture and reduction of pharmaceutical pollution. At this activity, participants will perform a nutrient recovery technology that recovers valuable nutrients for agriculture. Urine for a surprise!

Zone D: Tempe • Interdisciplinary Science And Technology Building IV (ISTB4) | Third Floor | Crater Carpet

Social Science

Get Lost

Navigate a small maze and use your success to contribute to the overall navigation of a larger maze. Being a Pathfinder means exploring every opportunity. Getting “lost in the woods” is a part of every discovery. When you get through to the end, your success can add to the success of your entire community.

Zone D: Tempe • Biodesign Institute Bldg A (BDA) | First Floor | Breezeway

Social Science

Political Trivia and Treats

Spin the School of Politics and Global Studies Trivia Wheel! Test your political and global knowledge and win some tasty snacks!

Zone A: Tempe • Coor Hall (COOR) Outdoors | East Patio


Work Alongside an ASU Solar Engineer and Create Your Own Solar Cell

Laboratories, such as ASU's Solar Power Lab (SPL), create their own silicon solar cells for research. At the SPL, silicon wafers are purchased, but all the processing is done with in the building's cleanroom, the main area housing the chemical baths and tools that are free of contaminants. In this activity, participants make their way through the laboratory process of making solar cells, creating their own mock solar cell to take home. Participants follow steps while learning how solar cells are manufactured, why these processes are done and problems that solar engineers are trying to solve via research.

Zone C: Tempe • Engineering Research Center (ENGRC) | First Floor | Entryway


Justice for All!

If you were a Supreme Court Judge, what would you do to make a difference? Come visit us at the School of Social Transformation and take a selfie with Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

Zone B: Tempe • Old Main (MAIN) Outdoors | Old Main Lawn


Intro to Laser Cutting

The name says it all, whether you want to etch detailed graphics, cut intricate patterns or fabricate complex 3D objects, this tool will make your life much easier. Please visit Fulton Schools of Engineering Laser Cutter Lab if you're interested in learning more about this amazing tool.

Zone C: Tempe • Engineering Center F (ECF) | First Floor | 103

Natural Science

What Chemistry is All About - Science is Fun

A spectacular series of hands-on chemical demonstrations for kids of all ages presented by the Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society.

Zone C: Tempe • Bateman Physical Sciences Center F (PSF) Outdoors | South Plaza


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