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Tempe Campus Activities

Saturday, Feb. 23, 2019 | 1–6 p.m.


Rebuilding Puerto Rico

What happens to a modern city when a hurricane plows through it - and how can we rebuild justly and sustainably? Come learn from the Rebuilding Puerto Rico Humanities Lab what the challenges are to rebuilding and participate in an activity where YOU make the tough choices about rebuilding and see what outcomes they lead to.

Zone D: Tempe • Ross-Blakley Hall (RBHL) | First Floor | 171


Rubber Band Helicopters

Use rubber bands, Popsicle sticks, propellers and construction paper to assemble your very own rubber band helicopter. Launch it into the air by winding up the rubber band and catch it as it floats down.

Zone C: Tempe • Engineering Center G (ECG) Outdoors | Patio

Natural Science

A Picture Worth 100,000 Dots

Have your photo taken and transformed into a unique piece of TSP art. Known as Traveling Salesman Problem art, it uses math to convert an image into 100,000 dots and then draws a single line to connect all the dots. If you drew it by hand, you would use one single stroke without lifting your pencil. Math helps us figure the best route. Stop by and take home a printout of your own custom TSP art.

Zone C: Tempe • Wexler Hall (WXLR) | First Floor | 118

Social Science

Prize Wheel

Come spin to win! Receive free swag if you spin our wheel and answer a political trivia question.

Zone B: Tempe • Social Sciences Bldg. (SS) Outdoors | Atrium


Creative Reinvention

Can you guess what recycled material various items are made from? During this challenge, you will learn about the concept of a circular economy and see creative, clever and surprising examples of pre- and post-consumer recycling.

Zone D: Tempe • Biodesign Institute Bldg C (BDC) Outdoors | Biodesign C Patio

Social Science

Parent and Children Play Time

Come visit the faculty and student leaders from the T. Denny Sanford School of Social and Family Dynamics to play a variety of fun games that help build relationships. Bring a buddy or make one at our booth! Learn all about how we study relationships while actively participating in loads of silliness and fun.

Zone A: Tempe • Cowden Family Resources Bldg. (COWDN) Outdoors | East Entrance


Microbes for Biofuels and Biochemicals

This activity will let participants know about different microbes used in industries and how they are modified in the laboratory for producing biofuels and biochemicals. There will be hands-on activities for the kids to create toy microbes. Displays of blue-green algae used for producing renewable chemicals from carbon-dioxide along with the lab scale photo-bioreactors will be available. The basic experimental setups used for modifying microbes will be present. Microbes modified to fluorescence will also be displayed in bioreactors.

Zone C: Tempe • Goldwater Center For Science & Engineering (GWC) Outdoors | Entryway

Natural Science

Ronald Greeley Center for Planetary Studies

The newly-renovated Ronald Greeley Center for Planetary Studies is a NASA data center that archives images from all of NASA’s planetary missions. Come view images from all the planets and moon on our Magic Planet projector! Come play our games for kids and snag a free NASA poster.

Zone C: Tempe • Bateman Physical Sciences Center F (PSF) | Fifth Floor | 513

Natural Science

A New Way To Teach: Center for Education Through eXploration (ETX)

The ETX Center promotes a new way of teaching. Traditional approaches, especially in science, emphasizes mastery of facts, teaching from authority and disciplinary silos. Users will sample BioBeyond, the first online course of its kind, which utilizes VR (virtual reality) as a way to gain education through exploration.

Zone C: Tempe • Bateman Physical Sciences Center F (PSF) | First Floor | Lobby, Behind the Pendulum

Natural Science

Explore the World of Carbon Recapture Technology

Visit the Center for Negative Carbon Emissions to Explore the world of carbon recapture technology. Explore and learn why it is important and how it will impact our future.

Zone D: Tempe • Interdisciplinary Science And Technology Building IV (ISTB4) | Third Floor | Crater Carpet

Natural Science

30-Second BMI Puzzle

We will challenge kids to complete a jigsaw puzzle about BMI (Body Mass Index) in less than 30 seconds. If accomplished, they get a chance to spin the prize wheel.

Zone D: Tempe • Biodesign Institute Bldg B (BDB) | First Floor | Atrium


How to Manage Your Privacy on Social Media

Special Hours: 3-5 p.m.

What are the dangers of posting on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter? What does it really mean to be Private? Public? Do you know who is allowed access to your posts? Can you prevent social media from tracking you? Backed by privacy research done by Dr. Lalitha Sankar, an Associate Professor in Electrical Engineering, this program explores the ways your data is collected, processed and used by social media networks. You will get to play as a favorite movie character that represents your online activity, while learning tips about staying safe online and the importance of your social media presence.

Schedule: 3:00 p.m., 3:30 p.m., 4:00 p.m., 4:30 p.m.

Zone C: Tempe • Engineering Center G (ECG) | First Floor | 141


Look Inside the Nano World

Come operate a scanning electron microscope! The Nano World exhibit will take you on a journey into the World of the Very Small with just a few clicks of a mouse. Nanoscale science and technology make use of materials having dimensions or features approximately in the 1 to 100 nanometers range. That’s 1,000 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair! You will operate a scanning electron microscope via remote control, and view features of objects at up to 100,000x magnification. You will also be able to speak with researchers about the solutions nanotechnology can offer society.

Zone C: Tempe • Engineering Center G (ECG) | First Floor | 140

Natural Science

Change Over Time

See various examples of phenotypic change over time. Understand developmental biology by looking at water fleas at a microscopic level along with an explanation of sampling error in small edible population of M&Ms. Biology has never tasted sweeter.

Zone D: Tempe • Biodesign Institute Bldg B (BDB) | First Floor | Atrium


Future Engineers

The Grand Challenge Scholars Program recognizes and focuses on training engineers to be quipped with skills necessary to solve future and global problems - lack of food and clean water in rural areas, exploring space, etc. This activity aims to introduce participants to one of the great issues that needs to be solved in the future by engineers. Come learn how to think like an engineer and work together in a hands-on activity that encourages critical thinking and problem-solving.

Zone C: Tempe • Engineering Center F (ECF) | First Floor | 120


Draw Like a Designer!

How do designers use their drawing skills to create designs? In this activity, learn how to draw like a designer using a variety of tools and methods.

Zone A: Tempe • Neeb Hall (NEEB) Outdoors | Neeb Plaza

Health & Wellness

Are You Fitter Than a 5th Grader?

Do some simple exercises to find out how fit you are!

Zone A: Tempe • Coor Hall (COOR) Outdoors | Forest Mall Lawn

Natural Science

Microplastics and Whale Poop

Visitors will learn how animals cope with microplastics in their diet and discover that whale poop doesn't stink. Children can use salad tongs as bird beaks to eat dried beans while trying to avoid plastic particles.

Zone D: Tempe • Biodesign Institute Bldg B (BDB) | First Floor | Atrium

Natural Science

Here, There and Everywhere

Come visit our viral photo booth where you can hunt and identify 3D virus particles!

Zone D: Tempe • Biodesign Institute Bldg B (BDB) | First Floor | Atrium


Theatre - Tour of Facilities

Special Hours: 2-5 p.m.

The School of Film, Dance, and Theatre invites you to see where the magic happens by touring our theatre stages and spaces. We will show you what goes on behind-the-scenes and then invite you back to campus to see one of our many productions!

Schedule: 2:00 pm, 4:00 pm

Zone A: Tempe • Dixie Gammage Hall (GHALL) Outdoors | Building Entrance


Digital Culture Summer Institute

Learn about Arts, Media & Engineering's summer program for middle and high school students, Digital Culture Summer Institute! We will have information for parents and have some hands-on making for youth!

Zone A: Tempe • Stauffer Communication Arts B (STAUF) | First Floor | 125


Comics & Zines!

Special Hours: 2-5 p.m.

Explore some comic themes and techniques with zines in mind! Experiment making your own zine and also meet our Faculty Associate and artist, Turner Davis, who teaches our Comics and Storyboards class as well as Illustration.

Zone A: Tempe • Art Building (ART) | Third Floor | 346

Social Science

Historical Coloring Station

Make your mark on history! We will provide the colors and custom blank coloring templates featuring illustrations of American heroes including George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Alexander Hamilton and more. All you need to bring is your creativity!

Zone B: Tempe • Social Sciences Bldg. (SS) Outdoors | Atrium


Dance Facilities Tour

Special Hours: 2-5 p.m.

Tour our beautiful dance spaces and stages to see what goes on behind the scenes in the School of Film, Dance, and Theatre!

Schedule: 2:00 p.m., 4:00 p.m.

Zone A: Tempe • Dixie Gammage Hall (GHALL) Outdoors | Building Entrance

Social Science

Find Your School

Explore the archaeological landscape of your school or other places you know. The Phoenix Metro area sits on top of one of the most densely occupied ancient landscapes in North America. We have gathered a large array of spatial information on indigenous settlements, canals and other features across the region. Collect stamps on your SHESC treasure map to win a prize.

Zone A: Tempe • School of Human Evolution and Social Change (SHESC) | First Floor | 154


Make a Robot!

Join in the fun and excitement of the ASU maker community by learning how to make a simple and tiny robot called a BristleBot! ASU Library is just one of many maker communities all over the world that provides creative space for people, ideas and tools to come together – a place where fun and learning go hand-in-hand. You will also get the chance to race your robot.

Zone C: Tempe • Noble Science Library (NOBLE) Outdoors | Building Entrance


Learn from Nature! Experiments in Biogeotechnical Engineering

Mother Nature is Earth’s greatest design engineer and the researchers at the Center for Bio-mediated & Bio-inspired Geotechnics (CBBG) are following in her steps. Come try hands-on experiments and discover how CBBG engineers are working to develop efficient, ecologically friendly and cost-effective solutions that are inspired by nature!

Zone C: Tempe • Goldwater Center For Science & Engineering (GWC) | First Floor | 111, Lobby, Outside SE Entrance


Work Alongside an ASU Solar Engineer and Create Your Own Solar Cell

Laboratories, such as Arizona State University's Solar Power Laboratory (SPL), create their own silicon solar cells for research. At the SPL, silicon wafers are purchased, but all the processing is done within the building's cleanroom, the main area housing the chemical baths and tools is free of contaminants. In this activity, participants make their way through the laboratory process of making solar cells, creating their own mock solar cell to take home. Participants follow the steps while learning how solar cells are manufactured, why these processes are done and problems that solar engineering scholars are attempting to solve via research.

Zone C: Tempe • Engineering Research Center (ENGRC) | First Floor | ERC 106


EFFICIENCY: It’s a bird! No, it’s a train!

In this activity, learn how a bird inspired an engineer to build a faster, quieter and more efficient bullet train. Over 3.8 billion years, nature has found efficient solutions to move and live on land, through the air or under the sea. When we look to nature to improve the things we make, it’s called “biomimicry.” After completing this activity, you will be awarded a Transportation station recipe card. Collect all six recipe cards and you will be recognized as a Sustainability Super Hero and be awarded a prize pack!

Zone D: Tempe • Biodesign Institute Bldg C (BDC) Outdoors | Biodesign C, Patio

Natural Science

Build An Embryo

When you were developing in your mother’s uterus, you had eyelids before you had a brain. At one point, your femur bone (the biggest in your body now) was only 6 millimeters long. That is shorter than a pencil eraser! Swing by the Embryo Project booth to learn how you changed from a couple of cells to a fully grown human. Build an embryo out of clay and spin the Wheel of Embryos for cool prizes.

Zone B: Tempe • Life Sciences Center A (LSA) | First Floor | 175


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