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Feel free to download and share these publications and materials with your friends, family, students, classmates. 


Programs will be available for pick-up at the Registration Booths.

Get your free tickets before arriving. Then, go to the Registration booth to check-in, pick-up a program and get an ASU Open Door back sack!

Program includes a catalog of activities, map of the event, dining options, and more!

ASU Open Door 2018 DPC program

Download the program:

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Download flyer artwork promoting all campus ASU Open Door events or just this campus.

Open Door Flyer

Download flyers:

Flyer with dates for all campuses

Flyer with dates for all campuses, Spanish version

Flyer for Downtown Phoenix only

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Open Door 2018 poster

Download poster:

11x17-inch poster

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Maps are available for download on the Map/Parking webpage.