Tempe campus Activities

Sustainability | Presentation

Sports & Sustainability

How does a big business industry like sports take into consideration sustainability? Join us for a worthwhile discussion with ASU College of Global Futures School of Sustainability alum Garrett Wong as he shares how the sport industry can be a beacon for communities as social, economic, and environmental components are taken into consideration when working towards sustainable solutions.

Art/Design | Presentation

What Can We Learn by Thinking of the Future as an Object?

The future holds a unique fascination for most of us. Simultaneously unknowable yet strangely malleable, it saturates our lives as completely as the air we breathe. Yet how many of us can truly say that we understand what the future is, and how we’re connected to it? Join College of Global Futures Professor Andrew Maynard as he explores how thinking about the future as an object can reveal new ways of understanding our relationship with it, and our responsibility to it.

Engineering | Tour

NEWT laboratory tour

Nanosystems Engineering Research Center for Nanotechnology Enabled Water Treatment (NEWT) is an interdisciplinary, multi-institution nanosystems engineering research center, funded by the National Science Foundation. NEWT applies nanotechnology to develop transformative and off-grid water treatment systems that both protect human lives and support sustainable economic development. This video will walk you through four different NEWT laboratories at Arizona State University and associated research projects conducted by ASU NEWT students.

Engineering | Demonstration

Visiting the ASU Solar Power Lab

Have you ever wondered how to make a solar cell in a research lab? The Solar Power Lab is located at Macro Technology Works at the ASU research Park. In a state-of-the-art clean room with semiconductor processing and metrology equipment, ASU has a complete fabrication line for silicon solar cells. The facility includes 6,000 square feet of cleanroom space equipped with a full set of tools supporting silicon solar cell fabrication from wafers to modules. This video shows how solar cells are made in the lab. We describe the process from the silicon wafer to the final solar cell.

Natural Science | Tour

Emerging Minds Lab

Take a tour of our lab space! In our lab, we investigate how infants and young children learn about the world around them. We look at: (1) how children's early curiosity supports their thinking and reasoning; (2) what role the social and cultural environment plays in shaping early learning; and (3) how children's extraordinary capacity for learning differs from other closely related species. To conduct this work, we use a variety of methodological approaches (e.g. behavioral experiments, naturalistic observations, looking-based paradigms) across a range of species, ages, and diverse cultural groups.

Sustainability | Tour

Biomimicry Center Tour

Welcome to The Biomimicry Center, a unique and beautiful space on the Tempe Campus. In 2019, we completed a remodel of The Center, guided entirely by lessons from the natural world. The Biomimicry Center integrated nature's deep patterns (Life's Principles) in our space, our furniture, and even our processes. In this tour, we will explore each element of the sustainable and regenerative remodel, including the carpet tiles, modular furniture, living walls, and even our newest addition: the NatureMaker collection of natural artifacts.

Social Science | Demonstration

Ask An Anthropologist! "Try it" Activity—Tool Test!

Are you smarter than a crow? Try this easy at-home activity to see if you can figure out how to get an object from the bottom of a tube! We know that for millions of years, humans have evolved a whole suite of specialized skills to help us survive. Perhaps the most important of these skills was our ability to make and use tools. Tools enabled early humans to access new types of foods and eventually, to hunt for their prey. But crows have also figured out how to use tools! See the activity for how crows use tools too!

Natural Science | Presentation

Biomimicry: Exploring Nature-Inspired Design

What can a kingfisher bird beak teach us about reducing drag? What can we learn from a lotus leaf about self-cleaning surfaces? Join The Biomimicry Center for a short presentation about what we can learn from nature, and how these lessons might inspire innovative designs. See our unique 3D-printed models in action as we explore two popular examples of biomimicry.

Social Science | Demonstration

Making Stone Tools, Levallois and Potatoes

Join the Pleistocene Archaeology Lab and learn about creating stone tools and the Levallois technique, then follow along to make your very own potato Levallois flakes and core at home!

Natural Science | Presentation

Einstein's Photoelectric Effect

For centuries people debated if light was a particle or a wave. Einstein in his groundbreaking work in 1905 finally settled the question. Both! In this video we talk about how Einstein was inspired to think about the Photoelectric effect and what the over-reaching effects of his principle are. We also discuss how to this day we still use his principle in our research of solar panels, CAT scans and the study of different materials.

Student Life | Tour

Day in the Life of ASU Sustainability & Business Marketing Student

Join Annika, our Global Futures concurrent degree (double major) in Sustainability and Business Marketing, as she shares her ASU experience in an instagram takeover. Learn how she goes about her day as a student athlete that plays ASU volleyball and why she has chosen her Sustainability program.

Natural Science | Presentation

Interactions of Light and Matter

Rainbows, fireworks, and studying stars and planets all have something in common -- they involve the interaction of light and matter. This presentation shows how what we see and can measure, even light-years away, is determined by the behavior of electrons.

Art/Design | Performance

ASU School of Music, Dance and Theatre presents: "St. James Infirmary"

Brass Chamber Music presentation. Brass ensemble students. "St. James Infirmary". The School of Music, Dance and Theatre is a cutting-edge music school with an abundance of opportunities that inspires creativity; a dance school that encourages originality and demands dedication; and an inventive theatre school with a comprehensive view of acting, design and production.

Natural Science | Presentation

All About Sharks!

Have you ever wondered what it's like to work with sharks? Check out our interview with Dr. David Shiffman, a research scientist with the Marine Stewardship Council and a Postdoctoral Scholar at Arizona State University. We learn about what he did to become a scientist, his advice for aspiring shark enthusiasts and what you can do to help preserve a shark's delicate ecosystem. Plus, download instructions to craft a shark mobile with everyday household materials and a coloring book containing pictures of other exciting careers you can have with a graduate degree.

Engineering | Presentation

Resilience in materials and in life | ASU KEDtalks®️ featuring Aditi Chattopadhyay

No stranger to resistance, Regents’ Professor Aditi Chattopadhyay has forged her own path in aerospace engineering to design resilient materials capable of withstanding the rigors of the world.

Culture/Language | Presentation

Convergence Lab

Launched in 2017, Convergence Lab CDMX is an Arizona State University project that seeks to connect the university with Mexican audiences and partners to explore ideas of mutual interest, through a series of public events and ambitious ideas journalism. Convergence, either between academic disciplines or nations, is the order of the day, and Convergence Lab offers a forum to learn from each other, and think our way to a better, shared North American future.

Art/Design | Demonstration

Digital Photography Activity Book

Have fun learning about the Photography Program at ASU though hands-on activity using Procreate on iPad. Great for all ages!

Sustainability | Presentation

Kahoot! as a tool in Sustainability Education

Do you Kahoot! ? Learn more about Kahoot! and how students are using it to advance sustainability education from faculty member Stephanie Pfirman.

Culture/Language | Presentation

How to Defend Against Fake News | ASU KEDtalks®️ featuring Scott Ruston

There's an insidious threat that seeks to divide the nation and undermine our faith in democracy — disinformation. ASU researcher Scott Ruston offers tips on how to defend yourself.

Natural Science | Tour

The Hidden Beauty of Mosquitoes

Discover the amazing life cycle of the deadliest animal in the world - mosquitoes! These beautiful insects are known for their life above water when they annoyingly bite you and suck your blood, but they actually start their life underwater. In this video you'll see this awesome transformation occur right before your eyes.

Business | Demonstration

Kidpreneur (Cupcakes)

W. P. Carey School of Business student will help guide students creating a business selling cupcakes to become an entrepreneur.

Engineering | Presentation

Particle Nature of Light

Our presentation will be an introductory lecture on the wave-particle duality of light called photons, beginning with a review of classical particle and wave properties. We’ll then move onto how these classical concepts of “particles” and “waves" break down in regard to photons, covering the history of experiments such as the photoelectric effect and double-slit experiment which showed that photons are both a wave and particle. The lecture will conclude with an examination of the implications of photons duality, specifically of how it led to the discovery of wave-like properties of particles and ultimately, Schrodinger’s development of quantum mechanics.

Natural Science | Presentation

Healthy Experiences Across Relationships and Transitions lab @HEART

The @Heart lab is a multidisciplinary lab using a multilevel perspective to study the development of romantic relationships and adjustment. We study adolescent romantic couples within their natural environments by using dyadic methods that capture affective, psychophysiological, genetic, and neurocognitive levels of development at multiple time scales, from milliseconds to days, years, and decades.

Humanities | Presentation

CSI Skill Tree: Video Games and Possible Futures

CSI Skill Tree is a series of events and videos that examines and celebrates how video games envision possible futures, build rich and thought-provoking worlds, and engage people as active participants in unfolding and interpreting stories. Our guests include game developers, scholars, critics and journalists, science fiction authors, and other interesting folks working at the intersection of technological change and story craft. So far we’ve looked at indie games like Subsurface Circular and Waking Mars, big-budget games like Death Stranding and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, critical favorites like 80 Days and Flower, and classics like Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri.

Natural Science | Presentation

Extinction and the Value of Biodiversity

Biodiversity is the variety of living species on Earth and the ecosystems they form. We need biodiversity on Earth for many critical functions of our lives as humans. From food production, to medicine, to clean air and water, biodiversity plays a critical role in sustaining human populations across the globe. Join Leah Gerber, founding director of Arizona State University’s Center for Biodiversity Outcomes, as she explores the topic of biodiversity as it relates to extinction.

Social Science | Presentation

Ask An Anthropologist! What makes us human?

What makes us human? Institute of Human Origins Founding Director Donald Johanson—and discoverer of the 3.2-million year-old human ancestor fossil "Lucy"—answers questions about how we "became human." Would you like to ask a question? Submit your question at the link.

Sustainability | Presentation

Four Ways of Thinking

This video series created by Dr. Annie Hale with the Pathfinder Center. The following four videos outline the "Four Ways of Thinking". While watching these videos think about how to apply these ideas to your current ways of thinking. Look at life through these lenses and see what you can learn.

Natural Science | Tour

Biodesign Institute. Innovative. Impactful.

Take a look at all the innovation and impact that is happening within ASU's Biodesign Institute. Brought to you by the Biodesign Institute, a unit of the ASU Knowledge Enterprise.

Humanities | Presentation

Young Adult Authors Discuss the Writing Process

During this 2014 roundtable, award-winning young adult (YA) authors discussed their writing processes and how they became published authors. Arizona State University's Department of English hosted the special session for students an ENG 471: Literature for Young Adults class. Featured authors and YA specialists included: Tom Leveen, Faith Hochhalter, Amy Fellner Dominy, Amy K. Nichols, Janette Rallison, Shannon Messenger, Shonna Slayton, and Suzanne Young. Professor James Blasingame, an English education specialist, facilitated the discussion.

Student Life | Performance

Broadcast Club Presents...

The ASU Prep Digital Broadcast Club presents The Spark, a special presentation of our video newscast for your review! Our elementary school students will teach you the Spanish phrase of the week, and an interview with Roblox, an online community of game players and creators. Learn how young Sun Devils can code and publish their own games!

Health & Wellness | Demonstration

7 Minute Meditation for Times of Transition

Join Tiara Cash with ASU's Center for Mindfulness, Compassion and Resilience as she walks through a meditation to help find change in times of change. Envision an expanding and healing light in your heart’s center. Thank your body for its strength and resilience, and briefly let go of fear and worry.

Sustainability | Demonstration

Nature Journaling

School of Sustainability alumna Julia Colbert explored sustainability literacy through nature journaling for her Master’s in Sustainability. Join her in a nature journaling activity that aims to make you more aware of the world around you.

Art/Design | Presentation

Learn about the Fashion Program at ASU School of Art!

Get insight into our Fashion Program from the student experience through this behind the scenes video. The BA in Fashion at Arizona State University is a trans-disciplinary program that provides a foundation for working across many segments of the fashion industry. This program combines history, business practices and hands-on studio experience to prepare students for a variety of roles in this important industry.

Health & Wellness | Demonstration

Burpee Workout Equals Superhero!

Coach Alberto Flores and 4-year-old Manny demonstrate a simple burpee workout, with information on how to incorporate this exercise into your family workout routine.

Natural Science | Presentation

How Strong is Strong?

Do you like strong coffee? The concentration of solutions is important whether you're talking about the weather, swimming pools or your coffee.

Natural Science | Presentation

Math Talk for 5th Graders

Hey 5th Graders! Are you good at noticing patterns? Join us for a peek into Ms. Bolduc's ASU Prep Digital fifth-grade math class as students look at patterns and brainstorm how recognizing them could help you do quick math!

Engineering | Tour

The Grand Opening of Biodesign Institute Building C

Awarded the Best Project in the Higher Education/Research category by Engineering News Record along with 10 other awards, tour the building that is home to the nation's premier team of neuroscience researchers.

Natural Science | Presentation

Resonance Physics

In this video, Society of Physics Students, President Greg Babić and Vice President Chase Hanson, talk about the physics of resonance.

Humanities | Tour

Virtual Tour of Ross-Blakley Hall

Come along for a tour of Ross-Blakley Hall on the ASU Tempe campus, a jewel in the university's architectural crown. Originally constructed as a law library in the early 1990s, the building's midcentury-esque geometry nods to its Southwest environs, combining exuberant form with function. It provides a physical home for the study of the foundational discipline of the humanities, currently housing two of The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences' flagship humanities units: the Department of English and the Institute for Humanities Research. Note: this tour mainly focuses on portions of the building occupied by the Department of English.

Humanities | Presentation

About the SolarSPELL Initiative at ASU

The SolarSPELL initiative provides students opportunities to engage globally, behave entrepreneurially, carry out real-world work with purpose and impact, and transform society. Every semester the SolarSPELL initiative engages 60-75 ASU students from classes, capstones, or internships. Learn more about the engaging work students do with SolarSPELL. Brought to you by the College of Global Futures, a unit of the ASU Knowledge Enterprise.

Art/Design | Demonstration

Design your 3D print with Tinkercad

You are invited to explore the world of 3D Design with the ASU Library Makerspace. Join us for a demonstration of Tinkercad. This is a free web-based software, used in the Makerspace, to design projects. Create something for yourself and join us on March 5th, and every first Friday of the month, to ask any Tinkercad project questions, via zoom. We will pick 5 projects each month to 3D print in the Makerspace. (Models no larger than 4” by 4” by 4”.) Sign up for Tinkercad guidance session!

Natural Science | Tour

Biodesign Institute Opens the Door

Take a look at the first Night of the Open Door hosted by Biodesign Institute - 7 years ago. Brought to you by the Biodesign Institute, a unit of the ASU Knowledge Enterprise.

Health & Wellness | Presentation

Track Your Metabolism with a Mask

Do you know how to effectively manage your weight? The secret is to understand your metabolism. In this video, we will help you to understand the metabolism and energy balance of our body and show how the metabolism will affect our weight. We will also show the metabolism can be measured by an innovative wearable mask device.

Engineering | Other

Discover the Fulton Schools of Engineering

Are you interested in becoming an engineer or computer programmer, or working with artificial intelligence? Through our recorded webinars and program videos discover the 25 different degree programs offered on the Tempe and Polytechnic campuses, and how to customize your experience through the Fulton Difference. Learn how to select a discipline within the Fulton Schools and explore options to accelerate your path to graduation.

Student Life | Tour

Student-led ASU Tempe campus tour

Join Ben, a senior at ASU and a Devil’s Advocate (that’s a student tour guide), for a tour of Arizona State University’s Tempe campus. Ben virtually takes you to iconic spots like Palm Walk, Sun Devil Stadium and Old Main, while delivering fun facts along the way. For example, did you know the Student Pavilion is a net-zero energy building? It serves as a hub for student coalitions, and ASU students were given the power to help design it. Now they help manage and operate it.

Engineering | Demonstration

Lets Catch the Bad Guys

In this demonstration, we will showcase our method of detecting pathogens and other scientifically interesting biomolecules. We will focus particularly on the rapid detection of the Ebola virus, one of the deadliest viruses in recent history. We will also discuss the possibility of extending this method to detect the COVID-19 virus as well as other biologically interesting molecules as long as a suitable system has been developed. It will give the audience a great insight into the diagnostic research and understanding through visualization.

Health & Wellness | Presentation

TomorrowTalks with Melinda Gates: The Moment of Lift

Philanthropist and former general manager at Microsoft Melinda Gates was the featured guest on March 18, 2021 in TomorrowTalks, a new virtual series at Arizona State University. The series places thought leaders of today in conversation with the changemakers of tomorrow: our students. Each distinguished speaker explains how they use writing to address our most pressing challenges. Gates discussed her book, "The Moment of Lift: How Empowering Women Changes the World."

Art/Design | Demonstration

Fashion Illustration Activity Book

Have fun learning about the Fashion Program at ASU though hands-on Fashion Illustration activities. Follow along with our demonstration video for some inspiration! Great for all ages!

Natural Science | Presentation

ASU & NASA Missions: Ronald Greeley Center for Planetary Studies

Discover ASU's involvement in current and upcoming NASA missions. Meet planetary geologist Dr. David Williams, Director of the Ronald Greeley Center for Planetary Studies for an exciting overview of how ASU explores Earth - and way beyond.

Natural Science | Presentation

EdPlus at ASU

EdPlus is a central enterprise unit for ASU focused on the design and scalable delivery of digital teaching and learning models to increase student success and reduce barriers to achievement in higher education.

Health & Wellness | Demonstration

Yoga on the Field at Sun Devil Stadium

ASU 365 Community Union presents Live Well Yoga offering free 1-hour yoga classes led by local yoga instructors. This recording of Yoga on the Field is led by ASU Alumni Courtney Sheber of Modern Yoga. It was recorded on January 23, 2021. Register and tune in for our online Live Well Virtual Yoga classes at noon on Tuesdays and 9:30 a.m. on Saturdays through 5/1.

Engineering | Other

STEM At Home Resources

Browse this curated collection of STEM resources and enjoy the various opportunities to learn about science, technology, engineering and mathematics from the comfort of your home.

Art/Design | Performance

ASU School of Music, Dance and Theatre presents: "THEY"

Lana Antropova, Theatre (Acting), "THEY", monologue on non-binary identity. Written and Directed by Jeff McMahon. The School of Music, Dance and Theatre is a cutting-edge music school with an abundance of opportunities that inspires creativity; a dance school that encourages originality and demands dedication; and an inventive theatre school with a comprehensive view of acting, design and production.

Natural Science | Demonstration

Cosmology Research: Appreciating The Hubble Space Telescope

View images of stars and galaxies through the Hubble Space Telescope, now celebrating 31 years of exploration. View a demonstration of "Appreciating Hubble at Hyper-Speed" (AHaH), a Java-based, three-dimensional simulation tool to explore the Hubble Ultra Deep Field, the most detailed portrait of the cosmos to date. This teaching tool was developed by ASU students in the Cosmology Research Group.

Sustainability | Demonstration

WaterStories from Rural Arizona

Past generations created our current water systems, but new generations will need to develop building blocks for future water sustainability. Today, rural areas are struggling with water issues, yet research shows rural youth lack connections to local history and a sense of belonging and engagement. Watch and listen to citizens from rural Arizona express personal stories about water in their culture and communities! What is your Water Story?

Humanities | Tour

The Building of a SolarSPELL

The process of building a SolarSPELL is always a fun one! Watch some behind the scenes footage of SolarSPELL's annual Build Day.

Humanities | Performance

Storytime: I Like Myself!

ASU Prep Digital second-grade teacher Ms. Nicola Homy is an energetic and exciting learning coach who loves children and reading fun books! Join Ms. Homy as she reads "I Like Myself!" High on energy and imagination, this ode to self-esteem encourages kids to appreciate everything about themselves, inside and out.

Art/Design | Presentation

Finishing a 3D-Printed Object

Watch as our Design Shop staff show you some tips and tricks for coating a 3D-printed object.

Engineering | Presentation

Sun Devil Satellite Laboratory

Sun Devil Satellite Laboratory is a Fulton Student Organization that applies a fascination with the universe, spacecraft, and the engineering profession to foster the academic experience at ASU in aiming to pursue the design and development of satellite and satellite-related technology. Click on the video below to learn about all the out-of-this-world technologies that Sun Devil Satellite Laboratory is working on!

Social Science | Presentation

Tipping Points!

People talk about “tipping points” all the time, but what are they? Where do they come from? And are the things people call “tipping points” actually tipping points? Understanding these phenomena is critical for understanding sustainability and stability in human socio-techno-ecological systems. In this mini-tutorial, we discuss what “tipping points” are and how they emerge from complex systems of interactions we might think we understand at a small scale but might fail to understand at a large scale.

Engineering | Presentation

Nano in Your Pocket - Ferrofluid

The application of nanotechnology is found in many aspects of our lives. You are probably thinking this activity’s title refers to computer chips in your mobile phone, and nanotechnology is indeed used there. But we are talking about something a bit more surprising. Watch the video to learn about the nano-enabled item you probably already have in your pocket.

Engineering | Presentation

SEDS-ASU: Rocketry Division Video

This video gives an overview of what we do as an organization and several of our members share their experiences with (Students for the Exploration and Development of Space) SEDS-ASU: Rocketry Division.

Student Life | Tour

Student Pavilion Sustainability Tour

Welcome to the Student Pavilion! Located at the center of ASU’s Tempe campus since August of 2017, ASU’s Student Pavilion has been a hub of student life and hands-on sustainability engagement. In terms of the building itself, sustainability is a huge part of the original design and vision. It is LEED Platinum Certified and ASU’s first & Arizona’s largest net-zero energy-goal building. This tour will review the sustainability features of the building and will discuss how the building was designed and constructed.

Culture/Language | Demonstration

Traditional Culture and Modern Day Use of Manos & Metates

A graduate in Anthropology from the ASU School of Human Evolution and Social Change, currently employed at the Deer Valley Petroglyph Preserve, will talk about one of the cultural methods for grinding mesquite beans into flour using a mano and metate. The demonstration includes how the tools are used, both past and present, the process, and how you can use similar methods and tools for grinding at home.

Health & Wellness | Demonstration

Can You Count the Characters?

See if you can accurately count the number of Toads from Mario Party in this video. This activity demonstrates how distractions and stress can impact ability to focus and successfully completing tasks.

Natural Science | Presentation

Today I Learned… How to Save the Environment

What can you do to help save the environment? For the 50th anniversary celebration of Earth Day, follow along with founding director of the ASU Center for Biodiversity Outcomes Leah Gerber and other ASU sustainability experts to discuss reducing consumption, working with your community and other ways to become involved in this important topic.

Natural Science | Presentation

Understanding dogs

Join Clive Wynne, a professor of psychology at Arizona State University and founder of the Canine Science Collaboratory, as he explores what makes dogs special. In this playlist, you’ll learn how dogs’ drive for strong emotional connections with other species – for love – is the secret to their success in the modern world. These videos explore how dogs’ capacity for love can be investigated from many different angles. They also show the range of ways people and dogs live together around the world. After watching, you may have a deeper and richer sense of who your dog is and what your dog needs from you.

Student Life | Presentation

Access ASU and SPARKS, many SPARKS

Access ASU creates many SPARKS in the community through educational programming throughout the year for the next generation of ASU students. Our SPARKS ambassadors are leading the way by connecting students and families to summer program opportunities, family engagement programs, and much more. Check out our ASU student led session to learn more about the SPARKS being created in the ASU community and how you can SPARK your college pathway.

Natural Science | Presentation

AZ Space Technologies: Exploring with ASU Space Missions

See a presentation by AZ Space Technologies, a contractor company providing support to these upcoming mission teams: LTES, EMIRS, SPARCS, and LunaH-Map. This video will highlight an instrument built at ASU to explore Mars.

Culture/Language | Presentation

REEESpectives of ASU's Melikian Center

Take a journey through the languages and cultures of Russia, Eurasia & East Europe.

Engineering | Presentation


Imagine eating a hamburger that is, in every way, identical to the hamburgers you’re used to eating—except that didn’t come from an animal! While this may sound like science fiction, lab-grown meat (also known as cultured meat) may be available to most people in the next couple of years—they’re already being served up in Singapore! Join Risk Bites and Dr. Mariya Vizireanu from the ASU College of Global Futures as we take a look at what lab-grown meat is, and what the benefits and risks might be. Produced by Andrew Maynard and previously posted on the YouTube channel Risk Bites. Used with permission.

Social Science | Presentation

Epidemics as Systems!

When the media reports on COVID-19 and SARS-CoV-2, do you ever hear about “R-naught” (R0)? You might have heard what this number represents, but where does it come from? Epidemiologists view the spread of disease through a population as the output of a system of interactions between individuals. Just like “temperature” helps determine the speed a gas moves through a room without keeping track of every molecule of that gas, ”R0” helps determine the speed of disease spread through a population. Here we describe the systems thinking behind epidemics and give an idea of how to better understand complex systems.

Natural Science | Tour

Online Labster ASU Biology Degree

ASU Online will share some of the innovations ASU is employing to deliver a premium online college experience. ASU Online showcases the relationships and technologies that are the foundation of all our programs through an augmented reality experience.

Art/Design | Tour

Virtual Tour of the School of Art Building

Virtually explore the School of Art Buildings and studios! Navigate through all of our studio buildings, classrooms, common areas, and labs for an in depth look of our facilities. Click on the icons to get an idea of the program by seeing a variety of 2D and 3D art work by current and former students.

Culture/Language | Demonstration

Slow Cooking with Shawn, Senior Military Advocate, Pat Tillman Veterans Center

Join Shawn, the Senior Military Advocate from the Pat Tillman Veterans Center as he host a cooking segment on one of his favorite desserts, Foxhole Goodies!