Knowledge Enterprise Activities

Humanities | Demonstration

Everywhere She Maps

Everywhere She Maps is a targeted training program designed to increase female participation within the YouthMappers network and rapidly expanding industries that utilize geospatial technologies. This recording is YouthMappers Director, Patricia Solís, virtual launch of this activity at Penn State's GIS Day in November 2020. Everywhere She Maps is supported by the Women’s Global Development and Prosperity Initiative conducted by and for YouthMappers which is sponsored by the GeoCenter of the United States Agency for International Development

Engineering | Presentation

Autonomy Isn’t Autonomous | ASU KEDtalks®️ featuring Nancy Cooke

Robots and artificial intelligence are growing more and more autonomous. But they still need to work smoothly with humans to be effective. ASU Professor Nancy Cooke explores how humans, robots and AI can best work together as a team.

Humanities | Presentation

SolarSPELL; About Us

Learn about the SolarSPELL Initiative at ASU and how we empower learners globally by providing localized educational information and the training to build 21st century skills in offline environments.

Culture/Language | Presentation

Convergence Lab

Launched in 2017, Convergence Lab CDMX is an Arizona State University project that seeks to connect the university with Mexican audiences and partners to explore ideas of mutual interest, through a series of public events and ambitious ideas journalism. Convergence, either between academic disciplines or nations, is the order of the day, and Convergence Lab offers a forum to learn from each other, and think our way to a better, shared North American future.

Health & Wellness | Presentation

A ‘Living Drug’ That Beats Cancer | ASU KEDtalks®️ featuring Karen Anderson

Could unleashing the body’s immune system cure cancer? Karen Anderson reveals how a scientific breakthrough that empowers the body’s own cancer-killing T cells offers new hope.

Engineering | Demonstration

Frankenstein 201: Make Your Monster!

Build creatures and bring them to life with lights, simple machines, and electronics! This series of videos, inspired by Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, will show you how to use basic computer parts and programming tools to create your own animated stories and bring your creations to life. Your creature can light up when activated, move its body parts (a hand, tail, claw, wing, etc.), and even produce speech by moving its mouth while producing sound! By building and making, young people will be introduced to artificial intelligence, coding, physical prototyping, and the principles of responsible making.

Sustainability | Presentation

Swimming in plastic | ASU KEDtalks®️ featuring Charles Rolsky

There’s something in the water — plastic. An unfathomable amount of plastic has made its way into our oceans, but Charlie Rolsky believes we can make small changes in our lives to turn the tide of plastic pollution for a cleaner world and healthier ecosystems.

Natural Science | Presentation

Extinction and the Value of Biodiversity with Leah Gerber

Join Leah Gerber, founding director of Arizona State University’s Center for Biodiversity Outcomes, as she explores the topic of biodiversity as it relates to extinction.

Business | Demonstration

Creating Strong Passwords

An interactive PowerPoint on using passwords effectively to protect your data. This was adapted from lesson 10 of our middle school cybersecurity curriculum. Your data is at risk. Everything from your bank account, private photos, and even your social media! They’re all controlled by passwords. So, when you secure them with passphrases and use combinations of letters & numbers, you help your data stay secure.

Business | Presentation

ASU in Mexico

ASU in Mexico works with partners in Mexico on common areas of interest. Building a strong and diverse relationship with Mexico allows ASU the opportunity to gain perspective on regional challenges and to develop innovative, game-changing solutions to issues of importance to both sides of the border.

Culture/Language | Presentation

How to Defend Against Fake News | ASU KEDtalks®️ featuring Scott Ruston

There's an insidious threat that seeks to divide the nation and undermine our faith in democracy — disinformation. ASU researcher Scott Ruston offers tips on how to defend yourself.

Business | Demonstration

Impossible Notecard Challenge

Can you solve the Impossible Notecard Challenge? This is a hands-on activity about the entrepreneurial mindset of "failing forward". You will need notecards and 1 pair of scissors for this activity. Turn on your volume, follow the instructions, and enjoy the challenge!

Sustainability | Presentation

Top 5 Zero Waste Swaps

ASU Zero Waste Department hopes to encourage the ASU community to swap out single-use items for more sustainable options. In this video, we recommend our current favorite top five swappable items

Engineering | Presentation

Resilience in materials and in life | ASU KEDtalks®️ featuring Aditi Chattopadhyay

No stranger to resistance, Regents’ Professor Aditi Chattopadhyay has forged her own path in aerospace engineering to design resilient materials capable of withstanding the rigors of the world.

Humanities | Tour

The Building of a SolarSPELL

The process of building a SolarSPELL is always a fun one! Watch some behind the scenes footage of SolarSPELL's annual Build Day.