Global Institute of Sustainability Activities

Humanities | Presentation

How SolarSPELL Works

Watch the ins and outs of how to use a SolarSPELL. Brought to you by the College of Global Futures, a unit of the ASU Knowledge Enterprise.

Natural Science | Presentation

Essential Skills for Early Career Ecologists

What skills should the next generation of ecologists invest in to be able to answer complex questions about our changing world? This video features some of today's brightest minds in ecology and their advice on what the bright minds of tomorrow will need.

Natural Science | Presentation

Plastics Pollution and Sustainable Fisheries

Join Beth Polidoro, Associate Center Director, Center for Biodiversity Outcomes and Associate Professor, School of Mathematical Sciences, New College and her students as they examine plastic pollution and the ways it can affect us as consumers of fish.

Humanities | Presentation

About the SolarSPELL Initiative at ASU

The SolarSPELL initiative provides students opportunities to engage globally, behave entrepreneurially, carry out real-world work with purpose and impact, and transform society. Every semester the SolarSPELL initiative engages 60-75 ASU students from classes, capstones, or internships. Learn more about the engaging work students do with SolarSPELL. Brought to you by the College of Global Futures, a unit of the ASU Knowledge Enterprise.

Humanities | Presentation

ASU SolarSPELL and Peace Corps Global Strategic Partnership

SolarSPELL and Peace Corps - The SolarSPELL initiative, alongside the Peace Corps, is confronting the realities of low-resource contexts by leveraging innovative technology, providing locally-relevant educational libraries, and building critical digital and information literacies. Learn more about SolarSPELL's work with them. With a Global Strategic Partnership between ASU SolarSPELL and the Peace Corps will support quality education and meet the needs of learners in remote, offline communities globally. Brought to you by the College of Global Futures, a unit of the ASU Knowledge Enterprise.

Sustainability | Demonstration

WaterStories from Rural Arizona

Past generations created our current water systems, but new generations will need to develop building blocks for future water sustainability. Today, rural areas are struggling with water issues, yet research shows rural youth lack connections to local history and a sense of belonging and engagement. Watch and listen to citizens from rural Arizona express personal stories about water in their culture and communities! What is your Water Story?

Sustainability | Tour

Biomimicry Center Tour

Welcome to The Biomimicry Center, a unique and beautiful space on the Tempe Campus. In 2019, we completed a remodel of The Center, guided entirely by lessons from the natural world. The Biomimicry Center integrated nature's deep patterns (Life's Principles) in our space, our furniture, and even our processes. In this tour, we will explore each element of the sustainable and regenerative remodel, including the carpet tiles, modular furniture, living walls, and even our newest addition: the NatureMaker collection of natural artifacts.

Natural Science | Presentation

Today I learned....How to Save the Environment

What can you do to help save the environment? For the 50th anniversary celebration of Earth Day, follow along with Founding Director of the ASU Center for Biodiversity Outcomes Leah Gerber and other ASU sustainability experts to discuss reducing consumption, working with you community, and other ways to become involved in this important topic.

Natural Science | Presentation

Biomimicry: Exploring Nature-Inspired Design

What can a kingfisher bird beak teach us about reducing drag? What can we learn from a lotus leaf about self-cleaning surfaces? Join The Biomimicry Center for a short presentation about what we can learn from nature, and how these lessons might inspire innovative designs. See our unique 3D-printed models in action as we explore two popular examples of biomimicry.