Graduate College Activities

Natural Science | Presentation

All About Sharks!

Have you ever wondered what it's like to work with sharks? Check out our interview with Dr. David Shiffman, a research scientist with the Marine Stewardship Council and a Postdoctoral Scholar at Arizona State University. We learn about what he did to become a scientist, his advice for aspiring shark enthusiasts and what you can do to help preserve a shark's delicate ecosystem. Plus, download instructions to craft a shark mobile with everyday household materials and a coloring book containing pictures of other exciting careers you can have with a graduate degree.

Engineering | Presentation

Particle Nature of Light

Our presentation will be an introductory lecture on the wave-particle duality of light called photons, beginning with a review of classical particle and wave properties. We’ll then move onto how these classical concepts of “particles” and “waves" break down in regard to photons, covering the history of experiments such as the photoelectric effect and double-slit experiment which showed that photons are both a wave and particle. The lecture will conclude with an examination of the implications of photons duality, specifically of how it led to the discovery of wave-like properties of particles and ultimately, Schrodinger’s development of quantum mechanics.