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Access ASU and SPARKS, many SPARKS

Access ASU creates many SPARKS in the community through educational programming throughout the year for the next generation of ASU students. Our SPARKS ambassadors are leading the way by connecting students and families to summer program opportunities, family engagement programs, and much more. Check out our ASU student led session to learn more about the SPARKS being created in the ASU community and how you can SPARK your college pathway.

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Thunderbird Virtual Global Village - India

The Thunderbird School of Global Management has often been called a “mini-United Nations” because of its diverse and inclusive global student body. Thunderbird is also known worldwide for its vast and engaged alumni network of more than 43,000 individuals in nearly 150 nations around the globe. The Thunderbird virtual Global Village invites you to experience just a bit of the school’s cultural diversity. Join Aparna Tummal, a student in the Online Master of Global Management program for a look at Indian culture.

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Thunderbird Virtual Global Village - Haiti

The Thunderbird School of Global Management has often been called a “mini-United Nations” because of its diverse and inclusive global student body. Thunderbird is also known worldwide for its vast and engaged alumni network of more than 43,000 individuals in nearly 150 nations around the globe. The Thunderbird virtual Global Village invites you to experience just a bit of the school’s cultural diversity. Join Billy Pierre, a student in the Online Master of Global Management program for a look at Haitian culture.

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Did you know that you already know more than 10 words in Spanish? Also, you probably haven't noticed, but you already know more than you think about the Latinx culture. Do you wanna prove this? This trivia video is gonna make you feel good about your knowledge on music, arts, sports, and, of course, Spanish. We will also give you some info about our Spanish program downtown. Did you know that ASU has a SPANISH FOR THE PROFESSIONS PROGRAM? You can become a successful bilingual and bicultural professional! Don’t doubt it, the global job market needs people like you!

Health & Wellness | Demonstration

7 Minute Meditation for Relaxation and Presence

Join ASU's Center for Mindfulness, Compassion and Resilience and give yourself the gift of seven minutes to focus on your being and wellness today. Use this short meditation to focus on your body, awareness and to recognize that you are enough in this moment. This guided meditation with Teri aims to help you notice who you are today and what you are feeling within.

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Best Practices for your Online Portfolio

Having an online portfolio is an important tool to help you stand out to future employers and recruiters. But is your content well-organized and easy to find? Here are some tips and tricks to make your website shine.

Humanities | Demonstration

1st Grade Skill: Double Consonants

When we're in first grade, we learn about double consonants! ASU Prep Digital first grade teacher, Mrs. Smith, will show your first grader how to read, say, and write words that end in double consonants. What you'll need: A whiteboard and marker, or scrap paper and a pencil. We can't wait to learn with you!

Natural Science | Tour

Exploring Science at ASU's Downtown Phoenix campus

The College of Integrative Sciences and Arts at the Downtown Phoenix campus includes a vibrant community of science educators who make it fun to learn chemistry, biology, physics, and anatomy. Join us through the eyes of a student as we reveal how we use modern teaching labs, cutting-edge technologies, and engaging teaching strategies to help our pupils make meaningful contributions to their communities!

Natural Science | Presentation

All About Sharks!

Have you ever wondered what it's like to work with sharks? Check out our interview with Dr. David Shiffman, a research scientist with the Marine Stewardship Council and a Postdoctoral Scholar at Arizona State University. We learn about what he did to become a scientist, his advice for aspiring shark enthusiasts and what you can do to help preserve a shark's delicate ecosystem. Plus, download instructions to craft a shark mobile with everyday household materials and a coloring book containing pictures of other exciting careers you can have with a graduate degree.

Health & Wellness | Presentation

David Coon: Research at Edson College

Research is the complement to the classroom experience. Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation students are able to work with faculty on great challenges in health and health care. Amanda Goodman, Media Relations Officer, sits down with Associate Dean of Research and Professor David Coon to discuss the robust research happening at the college. From sleep to diabetes prevention, supporting family caregivers, and more, research faculty are tackling community health challenges in an effort to improve health outcomes. Coon also touches on his own research and the new Center for Innovation in Healthy and Resilient Aging he directs.

Culture/Language | Presentation

The 2020 Election: A Debrief on Diversity

Leaders of the Asian American Journalists Association, Native American Journalists Association, the National Association of Black Journalists, the National Association of Hispanic Journalists and NLGJA: The Association of LGBTQ Journalists gather for a discussion on diversity and its impact on the coverage and outcome of the 2020 Election.

Student Life | Presentation

Achievement Unlocked: Earning ASU Credit in High School

ASU Preparatory Academy high school students discuss why earning ASU credit in high school not only benefitted their high school learning but also paved the way for their future entrance into the university from both an education, and social/emotional perspective. If you are, or have, a high school student - this interview panel of high school Sun Devils will answer your questions about why and how to get started.

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College of Law Intro to Indian Legal Program

Established more than 30 years ago, the Indian Legal Program (ILP) at the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at Arizona State University has grown to become one of the most respected Indian law programs in the nation. Situated in the heart of the Southwest, with connections to Arizona’s 22 tribes and tribes nationally, the ILP is in the perfect location for students looking to study the developing field of Indian law. Our nationally recognized faculty members are leading scholars in their fields, producing research and publications, as well as providing outreach and public service.

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Find your Voice as an Advocate with the Health Policy Academy

The world of politics, especially health policy, can often seem like a closed bubble – daunting, secluded and inaccessible. For professionals hoping to gain experience and connections in this field, it can be difficult to know where to begin. The Health Policy Academy is designed to decode and demystify the world of health policy. Participants, regardless of past experience or training, will have the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of the health policy sphere. Register any time in March with the code Opendoor21 for 10% off the program fee. More information available at:

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Bike Ride with the Dean

Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation strives to create meaningful opportunities for students to be connected with the college, university, and one another. A sunny weekend in February was the perfect opportunity for Edson College students to bike through downtown Phoenix and along the Grand Canal. Led by Dean Judith Karshmer, an avid cyclist, students rode along the bike lanes and back roads to explore the area and take in new sights, including the many murals local artists have painted in community spaces..

Health & Wellness | Demonstration

How to Break Down a Task

Working on a larger task may become overwhelming and create anxiety or stress. These 5 steps will allow you to break a large task into smaller achievable steps to help you achieve your goal.

Health & Wellness | Presentation

SHOW: Student Health Outreach for Wellness

Student Health Outreach for Wellness (SHOW) is an interprofessional, undergraduate student run initiative dedicated to providing vulnerable populations with access to free healthcare and health education programs in Downtown Phoenix. SHOW provides free integrated health services, health promotion and health literacy programs to vulnerable populations including individuals experiencing homelessness, those from low income communities, and those recovering from substance use disorders. Consisting of health professionals in Maricopa County as well as student volunteers across Arizona State’s colleges and programs, SHOW works with vulnerable populations to reach their wellness goals.

Student Life | Tour

Downtown Explore Tour

Since our ASU Open Door event will be happening virtually this year, we wanted to give everyone the chance to still see our campus. Follow our Student Engagement team member, Sydni, as she gives you a tour of our wonderful Downtown Phoenix campus and all the great departments we have here!

Health & Wellness | Demonstration

8 Minute Meditation for Self-Appreciation

What values do you hold dear? Join Dr. Teri Pipe with ASU's Center for Mindfulness, Compassion and Resilience, as she helps us uncover our sense of self, brings clarity to our uniquely held values and reveals how we can align with these values in everyday life.

Student Life | Tour

Student-led ASU Downtown Phoenix campus tour

Join Vaughan, a junior at Arizona State University and a Devil’s Advocate (that’s a student tour guide), for a tour of ASU’s Downtown Phoenix campus. Vaughan virtually takes you to some of the students’ favorite spots on the Downtown Phoenix campus, such as Civic Space Park, the Sun Devil Fitness Complex and the Arizona Center, while delivering fun facts along the way. For example, did you know there’s a rooftop pool at the Sun Devil Fitness Complex? Talk about views!

Culture/Language | Demonstration

Slow Cooking with Shawn, Senior Military Advocate, Pat Tillman Veterans Center

Join Shawn, the Senior Military Advocate from the Pat Tillman Veterans Center as he host a cooking segment on one of his favorite desserts, Foxhole Goodies!

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Day in the Life of ASU Sustainability Major Transfer Student

Join Samantha, a College of Global Futures transfer student, as she shares her experience of transferring to ASU as a Phoenix local. At ASU, Samantha is double-majoring in sustainability and supply chain management. Samantha talks about how she's getting hands-on sustainability experience through extracurricular activities and studying abroad in rural China and Nepal.

Student Life | Tour

Day in the Life of a Sustainability Alumna Working at U-HAUL

Follow Arizona State University School of Sustainability alumna Alexia Bednarz for a glimpse into her sustainable career at U-HAUL. Alexia shares how her position and sustainable practices have been implemented at U-HAUL and their impact. She also shares her journey to becoming a Sustainability major and how she landed her job at U-HAUL.

Natural Science | Demonstration

Drops on Abe's Head

Have you ever seen a bug sitting on top of a puddle? Have you ever noticed how water forms droplets on a window on a rainy day? These occurrences all have something to do with surface tension. Try our activity, Drops on Abe’s Head, to learn more about it!

Humanities | Presentation

Conversation with Justice Sandra Day O'Connor and Justice Ruth McGregor

The law school has accomplished many significant milestones in its 50+ years. In 2006, soon after her retirement from the U.S. Supreme Court, ASU College of Law was renamed the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at Arizona State University. Students continue to personify Justice O’Connor’s legacy and lifetime work to advance civics education and civic engagement and discourse.

Culture/Language | Demonstration

Sign Language

Practice learning a new language that uses your hands.

Humanities | Performance

Storytime: I Like Myself!

ASU Prep Digital second-grade teacher Ms. Nicola Homy is an energetic and exciting learning coach who loves children and reading fun books! Join Ms. Homy as she reads "I Like Myself!" High on energy and imagination, this ode to self-esteem encourages kids to appreciate everything about themselves, inside and out.

Sustainability | Presentation

Dinner for 9.6 Billion

As our world population continues to growth exponentially, what happens when our resources finite? Join us for discussion of what sustainable solutions we can do while we live through this peril and be introduced to one of our new Food Systems program within the Arizona State University School of Sustainability.

Student Life | Presentation

Navigating Employee Contracts

Navigating your first job offer can be tricky. What does that contract really say? Here's what to know before you sign.

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Thunderbird Virtual Global Village - Mexico

The Thunderbird School of Global Management has often been called a “mini-United Nations” because of its diverse and inclusive global student body. Thunderbird is also known worldwide for its vast and engaged alumni network of more than 43,000 individuals in nearly 150 nations around the globe. The Thunderbird virtual Global Village invites you to experience just a bit of the school’s cultural diversity. Join Abril Conde, a student in the Bachelor of Global Management program for a look at Mexican culture.

Student Life | Presentation

Visual Journalism: Capturing the Moment

ASU alumnus Jarrad Henderson, senior multimedia producer in USA Today’s investigations and enterprise video department, discusses the power of visual journalism. Also at this event, Interim Dean Kristin Gilger, will recognize the 2020 Crowder Memorial Photojournalism Award winner Brady Klain, Cronkite Class of 2020. Arizona Republic visual journalist and Cronkite faculty associate Michael Chow introduced this event.

Health & Wellness | Presentation

Explore the Fundamentals of Healthcare for Veterans

One in 10 Americans is a veteran, yet only 33% of those veterans are seen by the Veterans Administration for healthcare. The majority (67%) of the veteran population receive healthcare services provided by non-veteran community-based healthcare providers. These community-based healthcare providers require education that addresses the uniqueness of the military and veteran experience and the healthcare needs of veterans. This interprofessional, non-credit course can help health professionals of all disciplines learn how to better serve this community. Register any time in March with the code Opendoor21 for 10% off the program fee. More information available at:

Business | Presentation

Pivotal Points in an Historic Election

Kristen Welker, chief White House correspondent, NBC News and co-anchor, "Weekend TODAY," became a star of the turbulent Election 2020 news cycle after hosting the final presidential candidate debate before Election Day, and she kept a keen eye on the transition of power as a White House correspondent leading up to Inauguration Day. Welker will discuss the pivotal points in covering this history-making Election 2020 in a conversation and Q&A moderated by Assistant Dean Melanie Asp Alvarez.

Health & Wellness | Presentation

Welcome to the Global Health Collaboratory

The Global Health Collaboratory is dedicated to extending Edson College's programs beyond organizational or geographic boundaries. Our work connects existing programs with new partners and develops innovative new ways to train health professionals worldwide. Edson College currently has programs and partnerships in twelve countries, spread across five continents, connecting the college with local, national, and international communities. Under the leadership of Sr. Associate Dean Craig Thatcher, the Global Health Collaboratory is developing global collegiate partnerships, expanding non-credit education programs to nontraditional students and growing international student and faculty exchange opportunities.

Culture/Language | Demonstration

Groovy Communication Game Show

Don't be square! Participate in a far-out game about how humans communicate in 2021. Recreate an old-school communication game show in your home and enjoy learning fun facts and some misconceptions about human communication in our modern era. It would be outta sight if you all play!

Sustainability | Demonstration

Nature Journaling

School of Sustainability alumna Julia Colbert explored sustainability literacy through nature journaling for her Master’s in Sustainability. Join her in a nature journaling activity that aims to make you more aware of the world around you.

Health & Wellness | Demonstration

Overnight Oats

Start your morning with a hearty breakfast of overnight oats.

Health & Wellness | Demonstration

7 Minute Meditation for Times of Transition

Join Tiara Cash with ASU's Center for Mindfulness, Compassion and Resilience as she walks through a meditation to help find change in times of change. Envision an expanding and healing light in your heart’s center. Thank your body for its strength and resilience, and briefly let go of fear and worry.

Business | Demonstration

Impossible Notecard Challenge

Can you solve the Impossible Notecard Challenge? This is a hands-on activity about the entrepreneurial mindset of "failing forward". You will need notecards and 1 pair of scissors for this activity. Turn on your volume, follow the instructions, and enjoy the challenge!

Student Life | Tour

Beus Center for Law and Society Building Tour

The Beus Center for Law and Society (BCLS) is the home to the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at Arizona State University, as well as several other organizations. The building space uses form and function to connect students, visitors, and the general public to the role of justice in society. The BCLS was designed to be inviting, engaging, and accessible to everyone who is interested in learning about the law, its effect on our daily lives, and the many services and resources available through ASU and other BCLS partners

Student Life | Presentation

Barrett, The Honors College at Arizona State University

Barrett, The Honors College at Arizona State University is a selective, residential college that recruits academically outstanding undergraduates from Arizona, throughout the United States and internationally. Known as the "gold standard" of honors colleges in the nation, this four-year, undergraduate, residential honors community has more National Merit Scholars than MIT, Duke, Brown, Stanford or the University of California-Berkeley. Barrett students benefit from a $12 million endowment used exclusively to support honors students and their projects at all four ASU campuses. Discover why Barrett is right for you.

Student Life | Presentation

Nursing Skills Bootcamp

Edson College's in-person nursing skills boot camps provide an opportunity for students in various stages of the nursing program to work through hands-on clinical elements with faculty offering real-time feedback and guidance. Over the course of 10 days, nearly 300 students participate in the camps to gain critical skills and experiences for future nursing professionals. Get a glimpse into the life of an ASU nursing student!

Health & Wellness | Presentation

Learn about The Academy of Lactation Programs

Lactation support is a fundamental health care responsibility. It serves as a high value care option, steeped in cultural heritage, and impacting our community’s health. Learn more about Edson’s Academy of Lactation Programs, which offers non-credit lactation programs ideal for anyone working with childbearing women and their families, or those aspiring to become an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). Register any time in March 2021 with the code Opendoor21 for 10% off the program fee. More information available at:

Health & Wellness | Presentation

Calories, Caffeine and the Onset of Obesity in Young Children

High calorie foods and beverages, which often contain caffeine, contribute to child overweight/obesity. Nancy Melvin Endowed Professor, Elizabeth Reifsnider, PhD, discusses her research focused on the results of educational intervention to promote healthy growth in very young children. Professor Reifsnider is faculty with the Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention in the Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation at ASU.

Student Life | Performance

Broadcast Club Presents...

The ASU Prep Digital Broadcast Club presents The Spark, a special presentation of our video newscast for your review! Our elementary school students will teach you the Spanish phrase of the week, and an interview with Roblox, an online community of game players and creators. Learn how young Sun Devils can code and publish their own games!

Social Science | Presentation

Barret Michalec: The (Super)Power of Emotional Contagion

We have a super power – the ability to “feel,” at least in part, what others are feeling. But we have taken this power for granted, and in some cases, actually dismissed it as problematic or detrimental. Sociologist Barret Michalec discusses the power of emotional contagion and the remarkable ability we possess to connect with others without even trying. Michalec suggests that we not only acknowledge and utilize this power, but hone it to better connect with the world around us. Barret Michalec is an Associate Professor and the Director of CAIPER. This talk was given at a TEDx event.

Student Life | Presentation

Political Crossroads: Reporting on the White House

Peter Alexander, a "Weekend TODAY" co-host, discusses his experiences and insights reporting as a White House correspondent for NBC News in this history-making political season. Professor of Practice Brett Kurland moderates the conversation and Q&A.

Sustainability | Presentation

Kahoot! as a tool in Sustainability Education

Do you Kahoot! ? Learn more about Kahoot! and how students are using it to advance sustainability education from faculty member Stephanie Pfirman.

Culture/Language | Demonstration

I Spy - Making a Space Universal Design

Participants will engage in an activity to help identify barriers to individuals with disabilities within a set space. This is to demonstrate what might seem to be accessible to ALL may not be necessarily inclusive for individuals with a disability. What solutions could be suggested to provide the best access to all. After the activity, we will debrief and discuss the use of universal design that creates access. This activity is part of a larger training program that ASU offers called AccessZone, which is designed to increase institutional awareness and support, in working with students with disabilities.

Natural Science | Presentation

Math Talk for 5th Graders

Hey 5th Graders! Are you good at noticing patterns? Join us for a peek into Ms. Bolduc's ASU Prep Digital fifth-grade math class as students look at patterns and brainstorm how recognizing them could help you do quick math!

Natural Science | Demonstration

How Many Pear Trees?

Hey first graders! We're trying to figure out how many pear trees are in the grove. Do you know? Miss Steenburg is calling for your help!

Health & Wellness | Tour

Visit the Grace Center for Innovation in Nursing Education

The expert team at the Grace Center for Innovation in Nursing Education (Grace Center) facilitate 125,000 student hours annually in experiential learning and community outreach across programs at Edson College. The Center’s vision, “Knowledge & Action Join As One,” is enacted at a 45,000 sq. ft. facility located in the ASU Mercado and the newly opened 35,000 sq. ft. space at the Health Futures Center. State-of-the-art technology and resources provide an effective learning environment for students to practice/master nursing skills and clinical decision making in a variety of healthcare settings while using learning management systems to empower reflective practice.

Engineering | Presentation

Young Inventor Spotlight

ASU Preparatory Academy Phoenix is a K-12 school of Sun Devils, located next to the ASU Downtown Phoenix campus! Join as we introduce you to Kenneth Warren, a young inventor who has created several useful inventions for his science class this year, including the “Ultimate Game Controller.” If you have a young inventor at home, watch Kenneth pitch his inventions and inspire other young Sun Devils on how to do the same!

Sustainability | Presentation

Sustainability Storytelling: Student-produced Short Documentaries

Relax at home with your favorite movie snack and watch two 2020 documentary shorts produced in Professor Peter Byck’s class. “Plant the Rain” shows how a renegade rainwater harvester and a band of elementary school kids maximize the desert’s water. “Holding on to the Corn” explores the multi-generational effort to create a healthier community through Hopi knowledge and traditions.

Humanities | Demonstration

Recognizing Our Humanity Game

How well do you know yourself, friends, and family? This is a fun game to be played by 2 or more people. All too often, the way we view ourselves is not necessarily the way others see us. Although we may think we know ourselves or someone else very well, we may still be surprised about our own answers and theirs.

Health & Wellness | Demonstration

Tai Chi for Health and Wellness

Edson College professor Linda Larkey, PhD, demonstrates Be Zheng Qigong Tai Chi. Professor Larkey has applied her long-time personal interest in integrative medicine and meditative movement to research in cancer supportive care. In particular, she has launched studies to examine how Meditative Movement practices (e.g., Qigong, Tai Chi) affect quality of life, fatigue, sleep, cognitive function, emotional distress among cancer survivors. She is also examining cardiovascular, metabolic and psychoneuroimmunological effects of Meditative Movement and self-management of emotional states using heart rate variability rhythm practice among older adults and cancer survivors.

Sustainability | Presentation

Sports & Sustainability

How does a big business industry like sports take into consideration sustainability? Join us for a worthwhile discussion with ASU College of Global Futures School of Sustainability alum Garrett Wong as he shares how the sport industry can be a beacon for communities as social, economic, and environmental components are taken into consideration when working towards sustainable solutions.

Sustainability | Presentation

Rob and Melani Walton National Sustainability Teachers’ Academy Alumni: Valencia Newcomer School

The Valencia Newcomer School is committed to combining sustainable efforts with education. Robert and Kathryn are working on the school’s community garden project to bring the classroom outdoors and develop the leadership skills of their students. See how they plan to share their message with the community.

Health & Wellness | Other

Join the Heart Focused Movement Study

Do you need a safe way to get active after months of quarantine? Join the heart-focused movement study sponsored by the Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation. The program includes online courses and interactive Zoom-led sessions.

Health & Wellness | Demonstration

Burpee Workout Equals Superhero!

Coach Alberto Flores and 4-year-old Manny demonstrate a simple burpee workout, with information on how to incorporate this exercise into your family workout routine.

Sustainability | Tour

Finding sustainability solutions by studying locust swarms

Named one of the top 10 most brilliant scientists by Popular Science magazine School of Sustainability Professor Arianne Cease runs the world’s largest locust laboratory. Professor Cease discovered land-use impacts swarming behavior of locusts, which in turn affects food security. A key goal of her research is to improve sustainable ecosystem management and local livelihoods by linking fundamental ecological research with economic models and policy. Take a tour of the lab and find out more in this 5-minute video.

Student Life | Demonstration

How to organize your high school digital learning

ASU Preparatory Academy Phoenix high school teacher Jill Reid highlights the best tips for high school students to keep their digital lives organized. From apps to reusable, uploadable notebooks, this demonstration will showcase easy ways to simplify your life while learning digitally.

Health & Wellness | Demonstration

Can You Count the Characters?

See if you can accurately count the number of Toads from Mario Party in this video. This activity demonstrates how distractions and stress can impact ability to focus and successfully completing tasks.

Health & Wellness | Other

Join the Snuggle Bug/Acurrucadito Study

Are you having a baby soon? We are seeking pregnant mothers in their third trimester and up to three weeks postpartum, English or Spanish speaking, and ages 18-40, to participate in a one-year study with their babies. We want to learn about how you and baby sleep, eat, and play together and how those things influence your baby’s growth. The study includes six “home” visits that use appropriate social distancing measures. You can earn up to $234 in addition to diapers, wipes, and more. Let us share in your joy as your little one grows up!

Student Life | Demonstration

High School Robotics Champs

ASU Preparatory Academy Casa Grande is a school for high school Sun Devils located in rural Casa Grande, AZ. Our competitive, student-led Robotics Team has won state and competed in multiple world robotics championships since the school's inception in 2016. If you are, or have, a student interested in robotics join our team as we walk you through the ins and outs of being a world-class robotics team while in high school!

Health & Wellness | Demonstration

Make your own lime electrolyte drink

Learn how to make an electrolyte drink that will give you the fuel to do the activities you love.

Humanities | Demonstration

Middle School Six Word Memoirs

A memoir is a historical account or biography written from personal knowledge. Ms. DuComb, an English teacher at ASU Preparatory Academy Phoenix, showcases how middle school students created fun Six Word Memoirs and Individual Culture Presentations to showcase loud and proud who they are to the world. What is your six-word memoir?

Sustainability | Presentation

Student Council Sustainability Officers Program

Does your school have a sustainability officer? The Student Council Sustainability Officers Initiative encourages teachers, school leadership, cities and other community leaders to bring sustainability onto high school campuses through the adoption of Sustainability Officers. This program is supported by ASU’s School of Sustainability. Program Manager Julia Colbert, responsible for creating a “Sustainability checklist” used by teachers in the Wells Fargo Regional Teachers’ Academy.

Student Life | Tour

Cronkite Building Tour

We invite you to experience a one-of-a-kind virtual Cronkite building tour and some words of inspiration from #CronkiteNation and beyond.

Culture/Language | Presentation

Thunderbird Virtual Global Village - Guinea

The Thunderbird School of Global Management has often been called a “mini-United Nations” because of its diverse and inclusive global student body. Thunderbird is also known worldwide for its vast and engaged alumni network of more than 43,000 individuals in nearly 150 nations around the globe. The Thunderbird virtual Global Village invites you to experience just a bit of the school’s cultural diversity. Join Nimatoulaye Barry, a student in the Executive Master of Arts in Global Affairs and Management program for a look at contemporary Guinean culture.

Culture/Language | Demonstration

Can you read it?

Participants will engage in a reading activity, which poses a learning challenge. This is to demonstrate what it might feel like to have a learning disability, to struggle with anxiety, ADHD, color blindness, etc... After the activity, we will debrief and discuss how disabilities create barriers that impact learning. This activity is part of a larger training program that ASU offers called AccessZone, which is designed to increase institutional awareness and support, in working with students with disabilities.

Health & Wellness | Presentation

Dean Judith Karshmer Welcomes You

Welcome to ASU and the Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation! We're delighted you've decided to participate in the 2021 online Open Door and explore our college, and all that ASU has to offer.

Health & Wellness | Demonstration

8 Minute Meditation to Encourage Connection and Compassion for Others

Take a short eight minutes of the day to practice a guided meditation on our common humanity called “Just Like Me” with ASU's Center for Mindfulness, Compassion and Resilience. In digitally driven and divisive times, it is more important than ever to foster our compassion and connection for and to others, even if (or maybe especially if) we may not know them well.

Student Life | Tour

Day in the Life of ASU Sustainability & Business Marketing Student

Join Annika, our Global Futures concurrent degree (double major) in Sustainability and Business Marketing, as she shares her ASU experience in an instagram takeover. Learn how she goes about her day as a student athlete that plays ASU volleyball and why she has chosen her Sustainability program.