College of Integrative Sciences and Arts Activities

Natural Science | Demonstration

Build your Own Mini-Siege Engine!

It may not be able to launch a 90 kilogram projectile over 300 meters, but this little catapult can throw just about anything you can fit in the bucket. Join the physics group at ASU's Polytechnic campus in this demonstration to learn how to build your own personal siege engine. This catapult only requires very simple materials, does not take very long to build, and is easy to construct so anyone can make one.

Natural Science | Demonstration

5 Chemical Reactions to do at Home!

Want to do science but don’t have your own laboratory? Don’t worry! During this video experiment, you will learn about 5 chemical reactions that can be done at home using materials you likely already have in your house. Egg & Vinegar: Acid Base Reaction; Styrofoam & Acetone: Dissolution Reaction; Red Cabbage Juice: pH Indication; Elephant Toothpaste: Catalyzed Decomposition; Carbon Snake: Combustion. Choose your experiment and engage in science!

Culture/Language | Demonstration

Groovy Communication Game Show

Don't be square! Participate in a far-out game about how humans communicate in 2021. Recreate an old-school communication game show in your home and enjoy learning fun facts and some misconceptions about human communication in our modern era. It would be outta sight if you all play!

Humanities | Demonstration

Recognizing Our Humanity Game

How well do you know yourself, friends, and family? This is a fun game to be played by 2 or more people. All too often, the way we view ourselves is not necessarily the way others see us. Although we may think we know ourselves or someone else very well, we may still be surprised about our own answers and theirs.

Natural Science | Tour

Exploring Science at ASU's Downtown Phoenix campus

The College of Integrative Sciences and Arts at the Downtown Phoenix campus includes a vibrant community of science educators who make it fun to learn chemistry, biology, physics, and anatomy. Join us through the eyes of a student as we reveal how we use modern teaching labs, cutting-edge technologies, and engaging teaching strategies to help our pupils make meaningful contributions to their communities!

Natural Science | Demonstration

Planting A Beanstalk

Jack planted a beanstalk and found many treasures. Teaching your children how to plant a beanstalk of their own will also bring many treasures. They will learn to garden, develop patience in waiting for a harvest, learn where food comes from, responsibility, and many other essential skills!

Natural Science | Presentation

Have A Bright Idea: Learn How to Light a Bulb

Have a bright idea and learn how to light a bulb. Join the Physics faculty at ASU Polytechnic in this presentation to learn the properties of series and parallel circuits using simple mini light bulbs and batteries.

Humanities | Demonstration

Calling All Youth Writers (Ages 10-18)

Come write with us in Young Authors' Studio! In this session, mentors will provide several fun writing activities to choose from and show you how to earn a certificate. You will also learn about our program's free writing events and opportunities to publish.